Asymmetry Isn’t An Injury (But It Does Matter)

Move Better, Stronger and Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Asymmetry is not an injury. But there is good reason to consider it. Especially during pregnancy and postpartum.

By developing an understanding of your own asymmetries and movement tendencies, you can move more easily, move in new ways and reduce your risk of injuries.

When you’re ready to dive in, breath is the first tool.

And if your asymmetries ARE the root cause of chronic injuries and visits to various bodyworkers, be sure to breath is your first intervention.

The foundation upon which you will place other corrections.

Examine your asymmetry through the lens of better understanding your body, and moving in new and different ways, NOT criticizing and finding fault.

When you analyze these patterns for yourself, it’s empowering as hell to tailor your exercise selection to what YOUR body needs most.

Try some of the exercises I describe in this post: Start with 360 breathing, positional breathing and then dive into some of the unilateral exercises for the upper and lower body.

If you like the feeling, incorporate them as accessories to your workout routine.

And if you want me to do the thinking for you? I offer one-on-one prenatal and postpartum personal training that takes into account your unique needs. Contact me for a free meet and greet.

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