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Did you see a Chiropractor during your pregnancy or even before? We think you should! Here at Cloud Nine Birth Services, we highly recommend our clients visit a Doctor of Chiropractic. We asked Dr. Michelle (DC) at Lifetime Health and Wellness in Naperville, IL to answer some of our most asked questions when it comes to chiropractic care.

What will the chiropractor do for me during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can put progressive strain on your body physically, hormonally, and emotionally. Chiropractic improves your ability to adapt to these stresses that are necessary as your baby feeds off your stress hormones in the first half of pregnancy. Chiropractic care balances the fight/flight response that we often get stuck in that results in common challenges such as heartburn, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, lower back/pelvic pain, constipation, anxiety, and presentation of breech to name “a few.”

Will pregnancy adjustment help me when I give birth?

Yes! It sets a calm and balanced foundation physically as well as neurologically. Studies show that labor time may be shorter, pain perception may be less, and adherence to the birth plan may be higher among those receiving prenatal Chiropractic care.

Does it hurt?

No, it shouldn’t. There are different techniques that can be used and this is where neurological scanning technology comes in handy to customize care for each expectant mother.

Should I also be seen postpartum?

100% The first 3 months after birth are often referred to as the 4th trimester and most of the relaxin hormone remains. We can take advantage of ligament laxity to help restore balance to the pelvis as mom recovers from birth. Chiropractic during this important recovery period can also counteract the physical and mental stress of caring for a newborn, regulate stress levels, and improve sleep quality — make the most of that sleep you find in those first weeks.

When should I start coming to see you?

When you find out you’re pregnant! Many seek us out while trying to conceive and others hear about us when looking for solutions for some of the previously mentioned challenges.

My baby is breech, can chiropractic care help?

Sure can! The Webster method is unique in Chiropractic in that its sole purpose is to balance Mom’s pelvis in response to bones and ligaments. This in turn can allow for the best environment for baby positioning which can lead to better birth outcomes.

What should I look for when choosing a chiropractor?

A Webster-certified Chiropractor who uses scanning technology that actually measures the integrity of Mom and baby’s Nervous Systems as well as what kind of reserves they have to adapt and thrive! Adjusting tables designed to accommodate Mom’s belly for each stage of pregnancy is also important when looking for this important member of the birthing team!

We appreciate Dr. Michelle for answering your most asked questions and you should consider contacting Dr. Michelle or a chiropractor near you to help you with your pregnancy. We know it’s a choice you’ll be happy you made!

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