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DIY Gender Reveal Box with Balloons

How to Make a DIY Gender Reveal Box with Balloons

Are you expecting a baby? If so, you’ve probably been SO excited to find out the gender of your new arrival! And, if you are planning on having a Gender Reveal Party, you will want to know How to make a DIY Gender Reveal Box with Balloons.

Of course, Gender reveal parties are super popular because they are such a special day! Getting to have your family and friends find out at the same time, seeing your reaction and everyone’s eyes lighting up! For many, it’s the highlight of their pregnancy!

And there are so many options on how to announce it, but we picked one of the classics to do a how-to on! A DIY Gender Reveal Box with Balloons is a great DIY way to announce the gender of your little one.

What is a Gender Reveal Box?

Put simply, a Gender Reveal box is a box in which you hide pink or blue helium balloons. If you are in for the surprise, then you can do this yourself. Otherwise, you need a trusted friend to hide the balloons in the box for you! Then, to announce your Baby’s gender, open the box and watch as the pink or blue balloons make the big gender reveal!

How do you make a Gender Reveal box?

Well, a DIY Gender Reveal box with balloons is really easy to make. Plus, you just need a few supplies and around half an hour to put together something really special!

How to make a DIY Gender Reveal Box with balloons

What you will need…

making a diy gender reveal box

Step 1… Assemble your box!

Remember to leave the top of the box open.

Step 2 – Cut out 10 pink and 10 blue circles

making a diy gender reveal box
  • Simply draw around a glass and cut out 10 pink and 10 blue circles.
  • If your box is extra-large, you might want to cut a few more.

Step 3 – Cut out a heart

making a diy gender reveal box
  • Cut out a large heart from your black card.
  • Mine was around 30cm.
  • Next, use a white Posca Pen to draw a large question mark on the heart.

Step 4 – Decorate your box

DIY gender reveal box with balloons
  • Glue the heart and the circles on your box.

Step 5 – Put the balloons in the box

how to make a diy gender reveal balloon box
  • Put as many balloons as you can comfortably fit into the box.
  • Remember, you want them to pop out easily when you open the lid, so don’t wedge them in!
  • Tape the balloons to the bottom of the box.

Step 6 – Seal the box

homemade gender reveal box
  • Last off, seal the lid with tape and you are ready for the big reveal!
homemade gender reveal balloon box

So, there you have it! Above all, we hope this was useful and that you are now ready to get crafty and get making!

And if you want to take a shortcut, grab ours Gender Reveal box printables here to have the decorations ready-made for you!

oh baby gender reveal box printable

And if you are short of time, or just don’t fancy making your own, you can buy a ready-made Gender Reveal box.

For more ideas on how to reveal your Baby’s Gender, read our best Gender Reveal ideas.

And we hope you have the best Gender Reveal Party ever!

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