Empowering Unintended Homebirth after Epidural Hospital Birth

Realizing how poorly prepared she was for the birth of her first child, Magdalena decided to take matters into her own hands and do some serious birth preparation work before her second birth. She spent nine months listening to podcasts, working with midwives, reading all the books and practicing different labor techniques to prepare herself for a fully physiological birth.

After 12 hours of seemingly smooth labor at home, her baby was accidentally born on the bathroom floor while her husband was loading the car for the hospital. Magdalena described it as the most powerful experience of her life and added, “the whole story in some ways feels unreal when I share it.” She added that “if my story can help just one person or inspire someone to be their own birth advocate I will be thrilled.”

Magdalena Berger

Magdalena is 35 and has two children, Olive (2) Sunny (4 months). She lives in south Jersey on the coast with her husband who is a pilot in the US Coast Guard.

Magdalena has a line of swimwear and business – founded in 2016 and manages Airbnb in South Jersey while staying at home with their children. Her husband’s current position in the military requires him to be deployed 1/3 of the year and also that they move every four years. Both aspects of his work keep their family very busy…and always on the move!

accidental birth at home with sibling


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