Four Miscarriages Followed by Empowered Birth & Hard Postpartum and then a Traumatic Birth with an Empowered Postpartum

Katy’s journey to motherhood was filled with heartache, marked by four miscarriages before Jack was born—a journey tinged with fear and trauma. Diagnosed with preeclampsia at 36 weeks in the first pregnancy she carried to term, fear was felt, confirming her darkest fears about what she believed to be her body’s failings. In the week leading up to her induction, Katy turned to her greatest strengths: research and advocacy. Armed with knowledge and a newfound sense of empowerment, she faced her 37-week induction with a confidence in herself and her body that she had never felt before in pregnancy. The 12-hour labor, guided by an incredibly supportive nurse, ended with a strong affirmation as Jack entered the world: “I hope you know you made it,” his nurse told him. “Your knowledge and advocacy is the reason he got here so quickly.”

Four and a half years later, the story of Branham’s birth unfolded differently. Without the familiar storm of preeclampsia, Katy was plagued by a different kind of anxiety. Fearing that the doctors were missing something that would be with her baby, Katy couldn’t believe that her body was a safe place for Branham after 37 weeks. She underwent a semi-elective 39-week induction, and the quick, four-hour labor was far from the comfort it might seem, leaving her feeling unprepared and vulnerable. This experience highlighted an important lesson that she passionately shares today: the importance of preparing for every birth, including the one you don’t want, and relentlessly advocating for yourself. This has become the foundation of Katy’s advocacy in all areas of motherhood–teaching mothers to embrace the unpredictable nature of motherhood with knowledge and courage, while always staying true to their own desires.

Katy Huie Harrison, PhD Bio

Katy is not just an author but a crusader, redefining the narrative of motherhood after a decade of academic study and personal challenges, including repeated pregnancy losses and severe postpartum anxiety . This journey led her from academia to founding Undefining Motherhood, a movement against the centuries-old, unrealistic expectations placed on mothers. Using an array of resources—her engaging website, insightful newsletters, transformative books and planners, and an engaging new podcast—Katy champions a new era for moms, focusing on real change and empowerment.

Her innovative pregnancy planner, Hopeful and Organizedhas moved over 20,000 family trips, earning acclaim as an Etsy Bestseller and one of Amazon’s Top Picks of 2024. Anticipation is building for her upcoming release, The Postpartum Playbook.

Featured in places like CNN’s Headline News, Romper, and Wondermind, Katy sheds light on the often overlooked realities of parenting. She fosters a space where moms of all stages feel recognized and understood. Follow her journey and transformational advice on Instagram at @undefiningmotherhood and dive deeper into her conversations at Unidentified Motherhood Podcastavailable wherever you get your podcasts.


Undefining Motherhood

Undefining Motherhood creates resources to support mothers during the period all stages of pregnancy, including the weeks and months after birth. This is your home for non-judgmental information…so you can take care of the baby and yourself, mom. Their Anticipated and Organized Planner provides pregnancy tools, sure–but it’s also about taking care of yourself in the days, weeks, and months after birth. Check it out at to join over 20k moms raving about how they now feel relaxed, confident, and ready. Get 10% off with code BIRTHHOUR. And be sure to check out the new one Unidentified Motherhood Podcast for your weekly dose of maternal support.

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