Gift Guide 2023: Perfect Gifts for the Friend Who’s Always Cold

Ok one thing about me…me. Always. It’s cold. No matter what I do I always get cold! So I think I might be expertly qualified to give you this year’s best Gift Guide for the friend/wife/mom/sister/whoever is always cold🤣!! There are some exclusive discount codes in this guide, so be sure to check each item for details!

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1: Footsack Heated Blanket

I love this heated blanket! It is the best because it has a small pocket specifically for your feet.

2: Smartwool Socks

These socks are the best to stay bundled up!

3: Hand warmers

These hand warmers are perfect in a pinch and are super easy to carry with you at all times. I also like them because there’s no need to worry about charging anything or battery life…just plug in and go!

4: Comfortable

Comfy is one of my top recommendations this year! This is a wearable blanket PERFECT for all your warm-blooded loved ones.

5: My Favorite Tea

This is my favorite brand of tea! I love their hot cinnamon tea because I absolutely love anything cinnamon, but there are so many options if your cold friend isn’t a fan of cinnamon!

6: The ULTRA Puffer

I just bought this coat for the second time this past weekend! It’s perfect for sports games or the Thanksgiving parade – really any extended time outdoors for this coat!

7: Fleece Lined Leggings

As you know, the Salutation Stash Leggings My favorite pair of workout leggings are from Athleta. But, during the Winter months I love lounging in their fleece lined ones Altitude Stash Leggings!

8: The best slippers

This is THE Winter staple for me, I wear these shoes everyday around the house.

9: The Best Shoes That Are Almost Slippers 🤣

Even if I swear to my LL Bean slippers, I don’t wear it outside. That’s for my Uggs! If you see me outside in the colder months, I’m probably wearing one these.

10: My Favorite Robe

I mentioned this robe on my IG story a few weeks ago because it’s the perfect gift for anyone in the house who gets cold easily! I love the texture and I know I will have it come Christmas morning!

Use code MCBRIDE15 for 15% off your order!/ Free shipping on orders $75+

11: Space Heater

There are a few things I rely on as often as my Dyson Space Heater. I’m using it right now as I write this (and more than likely by the time you’re reading this too 🤣)! It really helps to heat up my space quickly.

12: Knit Hat

This is a great cable knit hat at an affordable price!

13: Thermals

I’m planning on getting a second pair of thermals this Winter but in White – that’s how often I wear them under my clothes! Big game changer when it comes to layering.

14: Heated Jacket

I haven’t tried this heated jacket yet, but I’ve heard great things! I may have asked for it myself this year (hint hint Pat).

15: North Face Gloves

These North Face gloves are no joke. Not only do they keep your hands warm (and dry!) ​​but they also have pads built into the fingers so you can use your phone!

16: Blanket Scarf

I just bought this blanket scarf last week and I’m living in it. Between this and my Comfy I always wear a blanket 🤣

Be sure to check out my other holiday gift guides, and have a Happy Holiday ❤️

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