Long Induction after Cholestasis Diagnosis, Postpartum Hemorrhage and Pospartum Preeclampsia Two Weeks after Birth

Alessandra and Jim were overjoyed when they found out they were pregnant about 3 months after their wedding. She had a fairly normal start to the pregnancy but experienced nausea. At about 30 weeks, Alessandra began experiencing itching of the hands that led to a diagnosis of cholestasis. This diagnosis called for two doctor’s appointments to examine the baby, causing great anxiety. But Alessandra and Jim remained optimistic and focused on keeping her and the baby healthy. At 37.5 weeks, Alessandra’s doctors induced her induction which lasted a grueling 2.5 days. After a grueling 4 hours of pushing, Layla was born but Alessandra started bleeding and suffered massive blood loss.

Alessandra’s labor and delivery were traumatic for her and Jim. Her postpartum experience did not make it any easier recovering from a 3rd degree tear and being hospitalized again 2 weeks postpartum due to preeclampsia. Postpartum anxiety and self-doubt follow on how to navigate this new life.

Alessandra Migliore Bio

Alessandra, her husband Jim, daughter Layla (16 months) and three dogs live in NJ. He can be found on instagram @alessandra_migliore.


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