Planned Parenthood Admits Taking Teens Out of State for Secret Abortions: “We Never Tell the Parents”

A new undercover video busts the nation’s largest abortion business. A Planned Parenthood employee is shown on video admitting that the abortion giant is taking teenage girls out of the state for clandestine abortions.

Although abortion is prohibited by state law in Missouri, this has not stopped Planned Parenthood from transporting underage girls to neighboring Kansas for clandestine abortions. In a new Project Veritas video, a Managing Director for Planned Parenthood in Kansas City, Missouri, explains how often clinics arrange inter-state abortion transport for minors without parental consent.

“Every day,” he laughed.

Managing Director “Lashauna” describes the elaborate lengths the abortion giant will go to facilitate, and help hide, abortions for minors. He describes their process of setting up hotels, arranging inter-state transportation, providing doctor’s notes to the child’s school, and even paying for abortions, as a common service they offer. to minors without parental knowledge. He also referred to a “bypass” available to minors – this bypass also seems to bypass parental knowledge.

“We don’t tell the parents anything,” he boasted.

He also talks about how Planned Parenthood gets judges to rubber stamp abortions without the parents’ knowledge or consent.

“They will get by without their parents. You just have to make sure you tell them that when you call,” she said. “And we can cut off our letterhead, so it doesn’t even say where she was. Trust me, this isn’t our first rodeo.”

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The Planned Parenthood official also talks about how the abortion giant is fooling schools.

“We could give the doctor’s note to where the school, it doesn’t matter if the school agreed or not, we say that she was at the doctor. They have to take it,” she said. “They have people who choose them [minor] upwards. They have people who will pay for everything.

The video also reveals the surprising ease with which an adult can facilitate the abortion of a young person, despite not being related to the child. In this investigation, the journalist poses as the older uncle of a thirteen-year-old child who seeks help from Planned Parenthood to quickly and secretly terminate his niece’s pregnancy. The clinic manager appeared unphased by this situation and was very helpful.

He told the reporter, “At Planned Parenthood, we consider you an adult, you can make a decision then we get you…We never tell parents anything.”

The abortion clinic’s casual admission of its willingness to perform clandestine abortions on minors and violate parental consent raises concern for other ways the “bypass” system can be used. of Planned Parenthood to exploit and cover up the sexual abuse of children.

Officials with Project Veritas said the video should lead state lawmakers to investigate:

Do lawmakers know that Planned Parenthood has successfully created a “bypass” for young minors to get abortions in other states without parental consent?

Are schools and teachers aware of the fact that Planned Parenthood can remove students from school under fraudulent pretenses to facilitate abortions without their parents’ knowledge?

If Planned Parenthood does this “every day” in one state, how many teenage girls across this country are transported interstate for clandestine abortions?

A leading pro-life advocate says pro-life Americans need to expose Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood is a criminal enterprise, pure and simple,” Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone said in an email to LifeNews.

“I’ve been involved in helping to expose this for decades,” Pavone said. “If you can kill a baby, you are also ready to do any kind of evil. And the video released tonight should be a warning to parents everywhere: Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about your rights, and neither do your children. Planned Parenthood deserves another investigation at the congressional level, and they deserve to be completely defunded.

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