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Storybook Baby Shower

Are you planning a Storybook Baby Shower? If so, read on for everything you need to know about Book themed Baby Showers.

Planning a Baby Shower is a fun and exciting way to show parents your support. It is a celebration of a new addition to the family and a celebration of mothers.

Of course, there are many different adorable themes that you can come up with when planning a Baby Shower. A Storybook Baby Shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of any little bundle of joy. We all remember many moments spent reading storybooks with our parents when we were kids. I still have many storybooks from my childhood on a shelf in my house. Recalling these stories evokes a sense of nostalgia for many.

Books like We are going on a Bear Hunt, The Hungry Wormand The Gruffalo are just a few personal favorites.

Moreover, reading to babies and children at a young age has many benefits. Stories can inspire their minds with creativity and happiness. Babies can pick up all kinds of information from books, by reading them you enrich their brain with knowledge about the wide world around them.

What is a Storybook Baby Shower?

The Storybook Baby Shower is a traditional theme that is perfect for a family that loves books and loves to read. The invitations, decorations, and food were all inspired by children’s books. Invite guests to gift a book of their choice to build a book collection for the new baby. The host can choose to display all the classic storybooks for guests to browse and grab their favorites for a quick read. However, you can choose a specific book to be the main theme of the shower.

How do you throw a Storybook Baby Shower?

The Baby Shower planning process should be a fun activity with minimal stress and maximum creativity! Expectant mothers can pick up the ropes and do the planning, or a friend or relative can choose to host. However, if Mom decides to take a back seat, it’s a good idea that the planner should still consult with her throughout. This will ensure that the party remains a reflection of his ideal party.

Check out below my top tips and fun ideas for how to throw the most amazing and memorable Book Baby Shower for your pregnant loved one.

Where to host a Book Themed Baby Shower

Let’s start with the basics. Setting the appropriate date and time for the Shower is the first thing that needs to be decided. First, prime time is usually when the mother is seven months pregnant and still comfortable attending showers, relaxing and enjoying the festivities. One piece of advice I must emphasize – start planning early! This gives guests plenty of notice to save the date to ensure they can attend.

Next is the venue. When deciding on a location, it is key to consider the time of year and what season it is with. If the shower falls in Spring or Summer, the back garden or a nearby park is an inexpensive option. I advise you to check the weather forecast before the Shower to avoid the rain ruining all your hard work.

A Storybook themed Baby Shower is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The living room is a perfect place. All the shelves can be filled with different storybooks, and guests can enjoy themselves in the comfort of a sofa. If you prefer an outdoor affair, a ‘bear hunt’ in the park is an adventurous activity that plays on the storybook theme.

Storybook Baby Shower Invitations

Let your creativity shine when designing invitations. Thousands of fun templates can be found online on sites like Pinterest. You can use them as inspiration to make your own. Invitations in the form of storybooks are an obvious but lovely idea, showing ‘Once Upon A Time’ in fairytale style detailed on the spine of the book on the edge of the page. You might want to take the easier route and buy ready-made invitations, Etsy has a huge range available to order.

What to do at a Storybook Baby Shower

baby shower books

The most important thing is that you want your guests to stay entertained. Activities are the essence of a fun party. An arts and crafts table is a great addition for younger guests. A fun idea can be to decorate and color the pictures of different characters in the storybook. The quiz is always fun for a more competitive activity, testing guests on their knowledge of storybook trivia. Or go for some more traditional Baby Shower games.

Book Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Books on display should be at the forefront of your Storybook Baby Shower decor. You can put bunting in the shape of different characters. For example, the characters from The Jungle Book. The food table display should be complete with themed napkins and paper plates.

When it comes to the menu, there are any number of routes you can take. I recommend serving a buffet, as it allows guests to help themselves when they arrive and throughout the shower. A buffet-style meal can include a variety of sweet and savory bites. For example, fruit cocktail skewers or chocolate caterpillar cakes inspired by the classic story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

What’s more, cupcakes topped with storybook decorations are also guaranteed to be delicious.

For a tasty option for the table, any kind of egg dish you can name after the story of Humpty Dumpty is a good idea.

Thank you Gifts

While it’s not required for the host to give their guests a gift, I think it’s a thoughtful touch. Giving a farewell gift as a thank you for coming to the celebration is a great way to show your guests that you appreciate them. Small gifts can be a scented candle, soap, stationery, or a bag of sweets. Even put a little storybook in the bag for a nice little takeaway!

baby reading a book

Storybook Baby Shower Final Thoughts

Planning and executing a Storybook Baby Shower requires only imagination, creativity and love.

Personally, this is one of my favorite Baby Shower themes. Mostly because it gives you a head start on building your Baby’s own mini-library. And because classic children’s books can be read and re-read and passed down through the generations. Plus, your Guests can write a short inscription in their gifted book that your child can refer back to time and time again!

Remember, this theme can be as relaxed or elaborate as you like. And it’s the perfect way to start creating a wide range of storybooks that the whole family can enjoy!

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