West Virginia Senate passes two crucial life-affirming bills

West Virginia Senators passed two pro-life bills this week in an attempt to strengthen pro-life protections in the state. Currently, almost all preborn children in the state are protected from abortion, although there are exceptions if the abortion is deemed necessary to protect the life of the mother, if the pregnancy is not viable, or in cases of rape

Senate Bill 352, the Unborn Child Protection Act, would ensure that women who are eligible for an abortion under one of these exceptions will still have informed consent to what the procedure actually entails. Under the bill, doctors would be required to make sure the woman knows things like related medical risks, the likely gestational age of the child, and what perinatal hospital services are available to her. The woman was also offered the opportunity to undergo an ultrasound.

“This is a decision. We affect life and death,” said Sen. Patricia Rucker, the bill’s sponsor. “This is a decision that will affect a woman’s life after the decision is made—whatever decision is made. So I think it’s only right for him to do that he has all the information he can get.”

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In the face of opposition, Rucker also emphasized that the bill would have no effect on abortions currently allowed under state law.

“It does not expand, at all, our current law,” he said. “It doesn’t add any penalties and doesn’t change in any way what we currently prohibit. All this – and I can’t think of anyone who would be against – is to make sure that the woman has all the information she should have in making the decision .”

Rucker also sponsored Senate Bill 620, which expands the way funds are used under the state’s Maternal and Infant Pregnancy Support Program. Initiated last year by Governor Jim Justice, the program offers grants to “life-affirming social service organizations” such as pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies. Under the program$1 million will be distributed to pro-life organizations across the state.

Both bills now go to the House for consideration.

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