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The total solar eclipse of 2024 is officially upon us. With people traveling from all over the world to the best viewing spots to catch the path of totality, this event is definitely a highlight of the year for many space enthusiasts. But if you’re an expectant mama who just happens to welcome her new bundle of joy today, this is an important occasion for you too.

You may be ready to use your list of baby names. However, if you’re feeling inspired by the total solar eclipse, these eclipse baby names are just for you. Eclipse-inspired baby names are as celestial as they come. Welcome little Cosmo (or little Celeste?) to the world of beautiful and unique baby names.

Baby names inspired by the eclipse

1. Apollo

Greek god of the sun.

2. Asahi

Japanese for “morning sun.”

3. Atlas

Greek for “bringer of heaven.”

4. Aurora

Latin for “dawn.”

5. Ayla

Turkish for “halo” or “moonlight.”

6. Byeol

Korean for “star.”

7. Celeste

Latin for “heavenly.”

8. Celestia

Celeste is different.

9. Cosmo

Greek for “beauty” or “world.”

10. Elio

Italian for “day.”

11. Emma

German for “universal.”

12. Estelle/Estella

Latin for “star.”

13. Evren

Turkish for “universe.”

14. Hoshi

Japanese for “star.”

15. Luna

Latin for “moon.”

16. Lunette

Variation of Luna.

17. Monday

You will always remember the day of the total solar eclipse with this name!

18. Nova

Latin for “new.” Also refers to a “exploding star.”

19. Oriana

Latin for “dawn.”

20. Orianne

French for “sunrise” or “dawn.”

21. Orion

Name of rising star.

22. Roxanna

Persian for “little star.”

23. Selene/Selena

Greek for “moon goddess.”

24. Sol

Spanish for “day.”

25. Soleil

French for “sun.”

26. Soraya

Persian for “Pleiades constellation.”

27. Star

Symbolic name referring to the stars in the sky.

28. Stella

Latin for “star.”

29. Sunny

Nickname name that refers to the day.

30. Yuè

Chinese for “moon.”

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