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Best Twin Baby Congratulations… messages to write in your card

-sample card messages for twins, triplets and multiples-

What to say in your twin baby congratulations: these sample messages and phrases for twin babies, triplets and multiples make it easy to write your card to new or expecting parents.

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For general tips on how to write your congratulations card (how to address, start and end it) visit this page: baby congratulations card. Of course you can also use a sample message for a baby and adjust it accordingly. But a special greeting for twin babies is always better. And often, you can easily adjust the phrases for triplets and multiples.

Combine any of my messages as they fit best.

If you know the babies’ names, it makes your greeting more personal. So include them in your message.

And not surprisingly, there are tons of funny twin quotes to mention in your card.

Easy for you, twin baby card: personalize with baby’s name, buy, sign and ready to gift!


What To Write To Your Baby Twins Congratulations

Not just one but even two, I am / we are so happy for you! Congratulations on your happy and healthy baby twins. I hope / we hope this is a wonderful time filled with much joy and happiness for your new family.

Here comes the double trouble! Congratulations on your twins /girl twins/boy twins.

Here comes a bundle of congratulations for your cute little bundle of joy! Congratulations on your twins / twin daughters / twin sons.

What joy! Double the fun, double the fun, double the diapers, and double the noise!

Twins! Sometimes miracles come in pairs.

Congratulations on your twins /girl twins /boy twins. Get ready for lots of laughter and noise, hugs and lots of fun. All the best for your new family!

Twice born, twice blessed. Double the kids, double the trouble. Congrats on your twins!

Twin mommies are like buttons. They bring everything together.

4 little hands, 4 little feet, 2 sweet little babies we can’t wait to meet!

It’s twins! Congratulations! Twins mean double the kisses and double the fun. Double the fun for everyone.

Who knew happiness could come in so many little bundles! Congratulations on the birth of your twins!


Looks like twins run in your family… don’t forget to let them walk, skip and jump!

A mother of twins is a classic over achiever.

Your family grew 4 feet! Congratulations on your twin girl /twin boy and all the best.

Twice the diapers, twice the poos, twice the bottles, burps and coos.

newborn twin babies in their cod looking at each otherthe twins are a fun surprise!

More Twin Baby Congratulations Messages

From small beginnings come great things. Congratulations on the birth of your twin girls / twin boys!

Double the giggles and double the grins and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins! Congratulations on your double bundle of joy.

Congratulations on your twins / twin boys / twin girls: 20 fingers, 20 toes, two sweet babies with rosy cheeks.

Two little blessings sent from above. Twice the smile and twice the love.

Twins: two new babies just for you, to make all your dreams come true.

Nothing is as precious or brings home so much love, as two new babies sent from heaven above. Congratulations on your new bundles of blessings.

You make a wish. And two came true. Congratulations on your double blessings.

Two sets of hands and two sets of eyes, twins are such a wonderful surprise!

Two precious bundles, to hug and kiss – life doesn’t get any better than this!

Genes are so good, they did it twice.

Twins: Twice the love, half the sleep.

Double the fun: Women and men!

There are two things in life, for which we are not truly prepared: twins! (Josh Billings)

What could be better than a double dose of love? Congratulations!

Congratulations on your twins – from now on you will have double the love and half the sleep…

Good mothers of twins have: sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry, dirty ovens, empty fridges and – happy twins.

Religious Greetings For Twin Babies

You asked God for a flower – he gave you a bouquet. You ask God for a minute – he gives you a day. You asked God for true love – he gave it to you. You asked God for one baby – he gave you two.

God creates twins when he makes a face that he really likes.

Two is better than one. For if they fall, one will lift the other up. (Eccl. 4:9-10)

Two angels sent from heaven above, double the blessings and double the love.

Twins are God’s way of saying ‘buy one, get one free’! Congratulations on your twin baby girl / boy.

You are blessed because God chose you to be the parent (mother/father) of twins.

Twin Baby Poems to Add to Your Card

Two faces to wash, and four dirty hands.

Two urgent voices, demanding.

Double the crying, when it goes wrong.

The four eyes are closed, there is a slumber song.

Double the amount of clothes, blow the line.

Two cherubs in a cart, soaking in the sunlight.

The work you do for the twins is naturally double.

But four arms to embrace you, repay all your suffering.

Two peas in a pod,

two bundles of joy.

Two gifts from heaven,

one girl and one boy.

Ten little fingers, ten little toes,

two babies to hug, two babies to hug,

two babies growing side by side,

two babies sleeping side by side,

two babies talking, two babies giggling,

two melting smiles, two melting kisses,

two best friends who shared their lives,

with double hugs and double love.

Triplets And Multiples Baby Congratulations

Here’s help writing your greeting for more newborn babies. These sample messages make it really easy to come up with the perfect lines for your triplets and multiples baby shower and greeting cards.

From small beginnings come great things. Congratulations on the birth of your triplets / multiples! (followed by the babies’ names).

Triple / Multiple greetings. Who knew happiness could come in so many little bundles!

Congratulations on the arrival of 3 (4, 5, etc.) new lives! May these lives (the lives of – names of babies) be filled with love and peace. May your precious triplets bring much joy to your family. Lots of love and best wishes for your future.

3 peas in a pod – congratulations on the arrival of your lovely triplets.

newborn triplets, lying down, enjoying each other, 2 girls in pink, a boy in blueprecious newborn triplets

Sending a rainbow of love and joy to you and your triplets.

30 little fingers and 30 little toes – a lot of work, heaven knows! 3 beautiful babies to our delight, 6 little cheeks to kiss goodnight!

You only had one wish, and three came true! Congratulations on your precious triplets.

There are three things in life we ​​are never prepared for: triplets! Welcome (babies name) and congratulations Mom and Dad! Wishing you all a life of love, health, laughter and happiness together.

Good things come in threes! Congratulations on your cute triplets (babies’ names).


Sometimes when you pray for a miracle, God gives you three!

Babies are wonderful, babies are fun, congratulations on your three (four, five etc.) new babies.

Born with two (three, …) friends – how fun is that? Congratulations on your triplets.

“How can there be so many children? That’s like saying there are too many flowers.” (Mother Teresa) – Congratulations on your triple blessings.

Gift ideas for twins.

More twin baby congratulations and twin baby poems.

baby gift for twin girls: 2 diaper snails (diaper animals made of diapers with baby hats), flower decorationscute twin diaper snails for girls

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