Parents Sue Abortion Biz That Did Secret Abortion on Their Daughter

A Virginia abortion facility faces a second lawsuit in three months, this one accusing Bristol Women’s Health of aborting a minor girl’s baby without her parents’ knowledge or consent .

WCYB News 5 reports the parents of a 15-year-old girl have filed a lawsuit seeking $15.4 million in damages against a Bristol, Virginia abortion facility for their aborted daughter and granddaughter. The parents are also suing the Dickenson County Department of Social Services.

Virginia requires parents to give their consent if their daughter is under 18 and wants an abortion. The report did not say whether the abortion facility also faces discipline by state authorities for allegedly violating the parental consent law.

In the lawsuit, the parents say a Dickenson County Department of Social Services employee encouraged their 15-year-old daughter to abort her unborn baby even though the teenager was unsure, according to the report.

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Here’s more from local news:

[The teenager] was brought to Bristol Women’s Health, LLC on or about January 19.

While there, the teenager insisted that she wanted to keep her baby but changed her mind through the efforts of the center’s director and the DSS worker.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory and punitive damages against Bristol Women’s Health and the Dickenson County Department of Social Services.

The abortion facility, which recently moved from Tennessee, also faces another unrelated lawsuit from its landlords.

In December, Bristol landlords Chase King and Chadwick King said they were “morally opposed” to abortions and that the abortion facility had misled them about how it planned to use their rental property.

Abortion workers told Kings through their real estate broker that they planned to open a “medical clinic” dedicated to “general family practice,” the lawsuit said. It wasn’t until the lease was signed in June that the Kings learned it was an abortion business, not a family medical practice, they said in the lawsuit.

Bristol is located on the border of Tennessee and Virginia. When Roe v. Wade fell and Tennessee began protecting unborn babies from abortions, the abortion facility moved across the state border to Virginia where abortion of unborn babies is still legal.

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