Abortion Activists Assault Two Pro-Life Advocates Saving Babies Outside Planned Parenthood

Abortion advocates attacked two pro-life advocates who help women and save babies out of the Planned Parenthood abortion business in Washington DC today.

“Two proaborts decided to attack me and another pro-life defender outside Planned Parenthood in Washington DC this morning simply for standing on the sidewalk offering resources to families in crisis,” said Terrisa Bukovinacone of the victims.

Bukovinac, who heads a liberal pro-life group called PAAU, told LifeNews that police decided not to file any charges against the abortion activists, who appear to be escorts or supporters of Planned Parenthood.

“The police refused to file charges,” he said.

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Bukovanic, the Founder and Executive Director of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) and Michael Gribbin, another pro-life advocate, were victims of the attack. Both Gribbin and Bukovanic frequent DC Planned Parenthood for sidewalk counsel where they peacefully offer life-affirming alternatives to women seeking abortions.

According to Bukovanic, the incident started when a woman approached him and threw coffee on his face and hair. When Gribbin went to get the cup of coffee her male partner assaulted her

A video of the altercation shows Gribbin being thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched by the man the woman was dating. The video also shows Bukovanic being slapped in the face by the woman who threw coffee at him.

Despite video evidence of the attack, DC police declined to file charges against either attacker.

Bukovanic said “Even as a progressive anti-abortion atheist I understand that the abortion industrial complex is responsible for a mass genocide that will take great courage to dismantle. Pro-lifers must be committed to absolute nonviolence to effectively challenge the institution of legal infanticide around the world.”

Michael New, a professor at the Catholic University of America who helps coordinate pro-life sidewalk counseling efforts outside of DC Planned Parenthood, told LifeNews, “It’s unfortunate, but not surprising that the DC police declined to press charges against the two individuals who assaulted 2 pro-life sidewalk counselors outside of DC Planned Parenthood.”

He added, “Pro-lifers have first amendment rights and no one should fear for their safety while counseling on the sidewalk. As someone who coordinates sidewalk counseling efforts outside of DC Planned Parenthood, it is very important that our volunteers are safe. If Terrisa and Michael want to file civil charges against their attackers, they will have my enthusiastic support.

New said this is not the first time DC police have declined to file charges against individuals who commit violence against peaceful pro-life activists.

On August 31, 2019, Gribbin chalked pro-life messages on the sidewalk outside DC Planned Parenthood. Quinn Chasan who worked at Google stole Gribbin’s chalk and threw it on the street. When confronted Chasan continued to attack Gribbin. Despite video evidence of the incident, the DC police declined to file charges.

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