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Advent Calendar Ideas Without Chocolate (that kids love)!

Christmas is a time of family gatherings and traditions. One of the most beloved traditions is the Advent Calendar. Many modern calendars are filled with chocolate, but if you’re looking for a sugar-free alternative and a more traditional option, you’re not alone. With the holiday season fast approaching, we’ve got some of the best traditional advent calendar ideas without chocolate

Traditional Advent Calendars

Historically, advent calendars allowed people to track the days leading up to the birth of Christ, December 25th. The tradition of advent calendars can be traced back to the 19th century, as people found fun ways to count down the days to Christmas. These calendars have Bible verses, pictures, and even chocolate on the back of each door. The goal is meant to create anticipation for the main holiday. However, people today use advent calendars for the same reason, but with different prizes behind each day’s door! Let’s take a look at some of these advent calendar ideas!

Birth Calendars of Birth

Birth Scene Arrival Calendar

This advent calendar causing excitement, as each day presents a different piece to add to the calendar! Children love opening the door each day to see which character is being added. Parents, you will love it this calendar because it’s only $14.99! Plus, this calendar teaches your kids about nativity and adds even more Christmas joy as the holiday approaches! A great advent calendar, minus the chocolate!

$14.99 Oriental Trading

Advent Calendar with Story

advent calendar with birth story

Give your kids an early Christmas gift that teaches them about the Christmas story! Kids will love it this advent calendar because each day presents a new Bible verse that reminds them why we celebrate Christmas in the first place! For the low price of $9.39, this calendar provides the Christmas story, ways to share God’s love for Christmas, and even some Christmas carols to sing! What better way to celebrate Christmas, without the teachings of this advent calendar?

$9.39 Oriental Trading

Fill Yourself with Advent Calendars

Precious Moments Advent Calendar

birth advent calendar with drawers

An advent calendar with a little Precious Moments nativity figurine? so cute! This advent calendarr is priced at $119.99, which each day provides a nativity figurine with a note about the part they played in the nativity story. Children will love this calendar, because each day they bring the nativity together more. Plus, parents can add another little trinket to the box if they want!

$119.99 from Amazon.

Countdown to the Christmas Advent Calendar

advent calendar without chocolate

Want to truly customize your advent calendar? We’ve got you covered! This is beautiful Christmas countdown calendar comes with nativity scene decorations, but each box is left empty for your own additions! Priced at $44.99, this traditional arrival is great for kids because you can put any trinket in the boxes for your kids to open! It will make every day until Christmas full of joy, as your children unlock a new treasure every day!

$44.99 from Amazon

Scene Creator Advent Calendars

Nativity Advent Calendar

birth advent calendar

Open a new piece to make a nativity scene this advent calendar! It is sure to bring excitement to your children, as they open a new part of the nativity scene every day. Plus, the price of this advent calendar is $42.49 and all you have to do is open a new door each day! Once Christmas comes, you and your family will have a finished nativity set. How wonderful!

$42.49 from Amazon

Christmas Toy Store Advent Calendar

playmobil christmas toy store advent calendar

Let your kids create their own Christmas toy store with this advent calendar! Each day a new piece is given away, and once Christmas rolls around, your kids will have an entire toy store! The traditional advent calendar is a great way to get your kids excited for Christmas, as a new range has been announced! Also, parents, this advent calendar costs $39.99 and serves as a great way to get ready for Christmas!

$39.99 from Amazon

Toy-Filled Advent Calendars

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

hot wheels advent calendar

Want to know the best way to get your kids excited for Christmas? Give them little teasers for their actual gifts! Here in advent calendar, the kids unlock a new piece for the Christmas-themed Hot Wheel track (which is also given away!). For just $19.99, this traditional advent calendar comes with a twist that’s sure to create happy memories leading up to Christmas! Who needs chocolate when your kids can get more toys?

$19.99 from Amazon

Advent Calendar Puzzle

advent calendar puzzle

Do you want something that you and your family can use as you prepare for Christmas? Look at this advent calendar puzzle! Each day presents a new metal puzzle, which is a great way for the family to spend time together! Additionally, this advent calendar costs $13.99, making it a great buy. Have family fun and a new puzzle your kids will love!

$13.99 from Amazon

Jewelry Christmas Advent Calendar

jewelry advent calendar for girls

Do you need an advent calendar for the girls in your house? Look at this jewelry advent calendar! This will leave your girls ready for Christmas, as they can wear their new jewelry to your Christmas celebrations! Also, this calendar is priced at $39.95, containing a variety of pieces that the special ladies in your life will love!

$39.95 from Amazon

LEGO Advent Calendar

lego city advent calendar

Finally, a great idea for chocolate-free advent calendars for a lego lover! Build a LEGO city with it exciting advent calendar! For just $29.95, your kids can have the chance to build an entire Christmas-themed city just in time for Christmas. Each day brings a new set of LEGOs for your child to find new pieces! This is a prime example of a fun calendar without any chocolate. And for parents, it’s a great way to decorate for Christmas without having to do any work!

$29.95 from Amazon

Chocolate Free Advent Calendar Ideas – Final Thoughts

There are so many great advent calendar ideas without chocolate. This year, save your kids a future trip to the dentist by purchasing one of the advent calendars listed above and watch them buzz with excitement for Christmas! If you’re looking for more Christmas ideas, check out our Christmas page here. Otherwise, we hope you have a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas!

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