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Baby Shower Thank You Messages (27 thank you wording ideas)

Wondering what are the best Baby Shower Thank You messages and what are the best Baby Shower thank you words? Great read for our ultimate Baby Shower guide thanks for the messages!

Your Baby Shower is over! And your baby boy or baby girl has already received their weight in gold with all the bundles and tons of baby shower gifts you and your baby received. Many gifts and love have been poured into you and your heart, and your nursery has been filled to the brim. And now it’s time to show your appreciation for their generosity and thank your guests. Yes, it’s time for the age-old tradition of the Baby Shower Thank You card.

But don’t worry! Baby Shower Thank You messages don’t have to be stressful! Just put your feet up, enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate or a cold iced tea, and relax because Mama and I have you covered!

When should you send a Baby Shower thank you card?

At or soon after your Baby Shower, make a list of all the gifts you received and who they came from. Then you are ready to send out your Baby Shower cards in the days or weeks after the Baby Shower. Doing this right away shows your guests that you appreciate their presence and special gift and is perfect Baby Shower etiquette.

Buy your thank you cards and stamps before the Baby Shower so you’re ready to start your thanksgiving without any delay.

Who do you need to thank with a Baby Shower thank you card?

You need to thank anyone who bought you a Baby Shower gift, whether they attended on the day or not. If your coworkers or friends bought you a joint gift, then it’s good etiquette to send them an individual thank you note to show your appreciation.

What to write in a Baby Shower Thank You Card

Sending Baby Shower Thank You messages is very important and with our help, it will be very easy. Remember, you can always order adorable cards online and type in the words to make it super easy if you want!

Parents-to-be often choose a thank you card that matches the baby shower theme. But that’s entirely up to you!

Without further ado, let’s get down to the art of elegant gratitude.

Baby Shower Thank You Messages

I usually like to use a simple 3 step formula with Baby Shower thank you messages.

  1. First, thank them for giving you a gift!
  2. Second, mention the gift and why you love it.
  3. End the message with some form of appreciative sign off.

In practice, a simple Baby Shower thank you wording can look like this:

Thank you so much for your generosity at our Baby Shower. The knitted blanket is absolutely beautiful and goes perfectly with the color scheme of the nursery, we love it! Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you with our new baby soon.

As you can see, keeping it simple is an effective way to get your message across in a thoughtful way.

Baby Shower thank you word ideas

  • Thanks for coming to my Baby Shower. It means a lot to see you there.
  • Having you in my shower turned the place into a party!
  • Thank you for making the effort to come to my Baby Shower, it meant so much to me to see you there.
  • Thanks for coming to my Baby Shower, I’m so excited to see you!
  • Nice to see you at my Shower. It was great to see each other without the stress of work!
  • Thank you for coming to my Shower and sharing in my joy as you share in my daily frustrations and joys at work!
  • I’m so excited to see you at my Baby Shower. You mean so much to me and it’s a pleasure to be with you!
  • I don’t know where to begin to thank you for everything you did to make my Baby Shower such an incredible day.
  • I understand you can’t make it but I really missed you at my Baby Shower. Thank you so much for sending such a wonderful gift.
  • You are very thoughtful. Although we miss your presence and smiling face, we are deeply touched by your gift.

Let them know you remember which gift they got you.

You should make a list of who gave you what. When you open gifts, you should immediately write down who and what to avoid confusion. It’s a good rule of thumb to just mention the gift and how you’ll use it. If the gift is money, just say it’s a generous gift – yes even if great aunt Jemima gave you just $5.

  • How do you know what I want? The x gift is one of the top things I want for baby right away. Thank you!
  • The x gift is the first one I registered! It is very beautiful. Thank you
  • I’m still in awe of your hand made gift! Wow, what a treasure. It will be a memory and a treasured memory for many years.
  • I want to talk about your amazing gift. It is absolutely gorgeous and will surely be treasured for years to come. Thank you!
  • Very generous of you and the work group [the baby’s stroller]. I can’t wait to show it off when I get into the office so you all can meet my son!
  • Thank you for x gift. You obviously thought about it and got me what I needed the most – you are the best!
  • Thank you so much for x’s sweet and generous gift. You are very creative—and thoughtful. I will really appreciate that x.
  • Wow! Thank you for your wonderful gift. New additions are very expensive, it can be very stressful, thank you for your kind help during this time.
  • Thank you for your generous contribution to our baby’s college fund, our little one will never forget how much it means to us.
  • Your gift is very kind and generous. We needed so much and it really lightened our burdens.
baby shower thanks for the messages

Meaningful Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording

Personal, heartfelt, passionate notes are great – but not easy. So if your cousin Tabitha held your hand while you sobbed on her shoulder and she gave you advice that changed your parenting – go for it. If your BFF Adelaide is from Peru, she deserves it. Your co-worker Joss who you’ve barely even said hello to, who gave you some diapers… not so much. Just be sweet and real and leave it at that.

  • We really missed your smiling face at the Shower but thank you for your thoughtfulness. We are so lucky to have you in our lives.
  • Thanks again for thinking of us, we missed you. Hopefully, we can arrange to meet when the baby is here.
  • Your kindness and friendship made a big difference in my life. Thank you not only for this gift, but for always being there for us.
  • You have always been very special to me. I am so grateful, not only for the gift but for the fact that my baby will always have an aunt like you.
  • we I can’t imagine a better day. I don’t know how you got it but as always, you are amazing and you always make my life better just by being there. We can’t wait for you to be a part of our little one’s life too.
  • Don’t think I am didn’t notice all the incredible details you spent time on! The theme is lovely and the games are super fun. You are the perfect host, I can’t thank you enough.
  • We are so blessed to be loved and supported by such a wonderful family. Our baby will be lucky to have you in their lives.

When should you send thank you cards after the Baby Shower?

According to Baby Shower thank you card etiquette, it is best to send a Baby Shower thank you card within two weeks of your Baby Shower. You want to express your gratitude while the Baby Shower is still fresh in the minds of your guests. And you don’t want to wait until after the baby arrives because you’ll definitely be busy with your new baby by then!

How late is everyone sending thank you cards after a Baby Shower?

Personally, I believe that late is better than never! And if you’ve had your new baby late, you can always include a sweet photo of your baby which is always well received. Sometimes, circumstances prevent us from doing what we had planned, so if you’ve had a difficult few weeks of your pregnancy and haven’t gotten around to sending your Baby Shower thank you card, your guests will certainly understand.

How do you sign a Baby Shower thank you card?

You may want to sign your Baby Shower thank you card with you and your partners name along with the baby. Or you can sign your Baby Shower cards as a family with your family name, eg. “Jones Family”. Or some parents-to-be choose to sign their Baby Shower thank you with just the baby’s name for example “Baby Jones”.

Can you send a text as a Baby Shower thank you?

Sending text messages has become commonplace for many of us today. If you invited your guests to your Baby Shower via text, you may feel it appropriate to send a baby Shower thank you via text as well. Often, the thought is more important than the method of delivery, so if you want to send a thank you text, go for it!

What to write on Baby Shower Thank You Card Final Note

Remember, write your Baby Shower thank you from the heart and you can’t go wrong!

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