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Housewarming Party Ideas – How to throw great Housewarming Party

A Housewarming Party is a great way to show your friends and family your new place. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for a celebration. So, if you’re planning a housewarming party soon, read on for our favorite housewarming party ideas.

What Do You Do at a Housewarming Party?

1. MAKE A PLAN! Surely, everyone preparing a party wants it to be perfect! Making the best and perfect plan will surely make the party memorable for everyone. This part is where you calculate the budget, the number of guests, the amount of food and drinks, and the organization of your party. The first step is always the hardest, but once you get past it, it’s definitely worth it!

2. MAKE AN INVITATION TO SEND TO YOUR VISITORS. Written or printed invitations will make your party more special and guests look forward to it. The theme, date, time, and place should be written on your invitation. Choose and decide on them carefully, but don’t forget to make them unique and reasonable! These will provide information for your guests and give them a heads up on what to wear and what to prepare.

3. WATCH FOOD AND DRINKS. It will surely leave the most impression on your visitors. Remember the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! This will definitely help you strengthen your relationship with your new neighbors, especially if they have something to look forward to! Prepare finger foods and unique drinks, don’t forget dessert!

4. CREATE A SOURCE OF ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR GUESTS. Create a music playlist with your favorite upbeat tunes. If party goers are up for it, this is a great opportunity for some dancing later! And maybe have some games planned, especially if it’s a smaller party.

5. PRIORITIZE THE SAFETY OF YOUR NEW HOME! Store valuables and keep them away from children. If you have pets, you may want to place their bed in a quiet part of the house, or even a bedroom.

6. DO A HOUSE TOUR EVEN IF YOUR HOUSE IS ONLY HALFWAY. This will help visitors become familiar with your new home. Plus, they’re here to celebrate so why not show them off!

7. DO AN OPEN HOUSE. Not sure if your guests will be able to attend due to a busy and tight schedule? Then you can have an open house! They can come whenever their schedule allows, and meet with you when they arrive. With this, they can visit anytime and give themselves a tour of the house!

Do you bring gifts to a Housewarming Party?

ideas for housewarming party

A gift is often a sign of goodwill. Bringing gifts when attending a housewarming party to welcome a new neighbor to the community is always a good idea.

Not sure what to give as gifts? Don’t worry, it doesn’t always have to be grand. Anything simple and useful will do.

Want more specifics? Here are some ideas that people traditionally bring to a housewarming party.

  • photo frame
  • Gift Voucher
  • alcohol
  • Flowers
  • house plant
  • Candles

With all that said, as a host, it is advisable to give ‘thank you’ gifts or favors to your guests as a token of appreciation for coming to your party. It will serve as a memory for your guests and yourself. It can be anything.

It can be a decorative item or something useful – a scented candle, a flower, homemade food, or even a simple thank you! Some of your guests may have given you gifts to welcome you to the neighborhood. Of course, giving gifts to everyone in return can mark your move into your new home! As mentioned, farewell gifts don’t always have to be grand, a small token like a meal at home, or even a thank you is enough.

Our Favorite Housewarming Party Ideas

Just moved to a new neighborhood and want to show off your new home to your friends and family? Can’t wait to introduce yourself and your family to your new neighbors and throw a party? All these things, but not sure what to do? Don’t worry, we got you!


Everyone is familiar with it because it is a tradition that has been practiced for centuries! This is when you have guests bring food to you instead of you preparing all the food for the party. The food gathered is shared with everyone, creating a budget-friendly party.

This might be the most convenient idea, because you will not only have fun, but you will also get to taste the variety of food and drinks that your kind neighbors bring!


housewarming ideas

The idea is very similar to a potluck in that the guests will bring different types of food, but what makes it different from a potluck? This is when your guests represent different countries and bring their favorite foods or drinks that are native to that country!

Through this, you can all taste different foods and drinks that are unique to each country. However, it doesn’t always have to be international. Feel free to keep it local!


Tired of moving and need help? If so, let your neighbors help you! What other way can you create a friendly environment than to have your neighbors help you move in! Have small talk while helping each other. This is your chance to get to know them better!


A little wine lightens things up! Guests can bring different bottles of wine to help liven up your party. What better way to have fun than with a drink while hanging out with your new neighbors! Be sure not to drink over your limit, though; always remember to drink responsibly!


how to throw a housewarming party

Do you love tea and want to share your recipes with other people? What better way than to host a tea time garden-themed party! This option is especially popular among housewives. Have fun with your friends and get to know your new neighbors through this recreational activity. Have fun chatting with the gentlemen and ladies of the neighborhood while enjoying the beautiful beauty of your cultivated garden.


Do you feel like your new home is missing something? Feeling dull and wanting a breath of fresh air? Get some helpers and have fun painting new rooms that need a little color! Show off your artistry and get to know your neighbors by their art style!

A person’s art style can say a lot about the person. It’s also popular with kids because they can play and have fun bringing out their artistic side!


Are you a novelist? Or bookworm? Ask your guests to bring their favorite books and discuss them over a hot cup of coffee! They may even gift you books they think you’ll enjoy. You can get to know your neighbors better by the books they read because it gives you an idea of ​​what their interests are.


BBQs grilled in your backyard are definitely the best! Take turns grilling and enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. If you have children, this is the perfect opportunity to allow them to get to know the neighborhood kids better! An open area is one of the most fun places to play, especially in the backyard! Watch out for the grill though! They might run over it and get hurt. Always keep your eyes on the children!


What better way to enjoy a party than with some fun and games? Play a variety of board or card games with your guests! Add some alcohol and the party is sure to be fun! You can also improvise or check out some unique fun games online! There are many different games that will surely interest you! Don’t forget to prepare some prizes, even if you don’t always need them.


Don’t feel like having a home tour? Then this game is just right for you! Let your guests walk themselves around the house once, and then have them draw a map to test their memory. The map with the highest accuracy wins!


Hide items around your house and create a mini-map for guests to find. This allows you to have your guests look around the house on their own without breaking a sweat! It’s also fun for kids because it’s like treasure hunting and hide and seek (but with things)!


Have a passion for baking? Why not bake with your new neighbors while trying to make a mini house cookie. Show your creativity with different designs to your guests! It is best enjoyed with a cup of tea in your backyard garden.

Housewarming Party Ideas Final Note

So you’ll find tons of fun Housewarming Party ideas. You can be as creative as you want and really turn any party theme into a Housewarming party.

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