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If birth control methods were Halloween costumes, here’s what they’d be

October is one of our favorite months because it means Halloween is right around the corner AND Thank you, Birth Control Day is coming (on November 15th—mark your calendars!). We’re kicking off the celebration early this year by combining our two favorite holidays, so without further ado, here are eight ways to take birth control as a Halloween costume.

It’s a classic, it’s beautiful, it’s always there for you, and it’s not too messy.

2. The ring: Any plush costume

It’s comfortable, cozy, and low-maintenance, like a ring, that sits comfortably and comfortably around your cervix. No one can see you inside your teddy bear costume, and no one can see the ring inside your penis.

3. The IUD: Supergirl/Superman

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a small, T-shaped piece of plastic that sits inside your uterus and prevents sperm from fertilizing an egg. So basically, like Supergirl, it comes in and saves the day, and it’s really good at its job.

If not having sex today was a Halloween costume…it wouldn’t be. It’s staying in, getting cozy on the couch, and watching a scary movie. And handing out candy would be cool, but we’ll probably just close the blinds, turn off all the lights, and just eat!

We’re exploring, we’re outdoors, we’re having fun, but we’re always protected. Never exposed to the elements.

The implant, like a mummy, is long, white, and in it for a long time.

Who’s there when you need them most, with all the muscles—ahem, everything effectiveness—need to get you out of a tough spot? That’s right. EC. (And your local fire department.)

If you’ve ever tried role playing, you probably remember how awkward and stupid you felt the first time. But the more you do it, the better it gets. Similarly, it takes some experience to get withdrawal (aka pulling out) right—but if you do it, it can be really effective. (There can be a fun element of teasing to withdrawal, and a feather duster can fit right into the experience, just don’t get carried away and forget the whole pulling out part.)

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