Live Action’s Baby Olivia reaches a major milestone

The groundbreaking Live Action “Baby Olivia” the video reached a huge milestone — 50 million views. The “Baby Olivia” project, first released in the summer of 2021, offers a medically accurate, animated glimpse into human life from the first moment of fertilization, and details the growth of a preborn child inside his mother’s womb.

“Baby Olivia” was created by Live Action with the support of world-class visual artists along with medical experts, including accredited OB/GYNs. Computer-generated 3D animation uses motion capture technology of real human movement, allowing this video to show the undeniable humanity of preborn children.


“Baby Olivia” also features human development facts gathered from the detailed database on The Endowment for Human Developmenta bioethically neutral nonprofit organization with a mission to improve health science education and public health.

In the video, Olivia travels from fertilization to her first heartbeat 22 days before giving birth. He can be seen bouncing around in the womb at 11 weeks and responding to light at 27 weeks as he prepares for life outside the womb.

After watching “Baby Olivia,” pro-abortion individuals changed their minds about abortion.

“I just changed my mind. I think just let the kid go,” said One girl “… [Abortion is] like killing someone. Olivia — she’s here.” She thinks all girls should be shown “Baby Olivia”.

A former pro-abortion man who watched the video in light of Mississippi’s 15-week abortion restriction (which led to the overturning of Roe v. Wade) respond, “…It was a person at that point. This is a fully human being who can do a lot — the same things we can do mentally, so 15 weeks is too late. Even at conception itself, the heartbeat was what, three weeks, I think it was. That was surprising, you know. I feel that when your heart beats faster, you become your own person…”

“Baby Oliva” was first shared by Live Action in August of 2021. Live Action president and founder Lila Rose said at the time, “We know that baby Olivia is at the heart of the abortion debate: whether to defend we him? Will we defend his constitutionally protected right to life? Baby Olivia should be shown to anyone considering abortion–in schools, in pregnancy resource centers, in churches, and in sidewalk advocacy. We can’t wait to see Olivia’s impact.”

Since her arrival, Olivia has been called “amazing” and a “nice video that pulls back the curtain on the glories within the womb.” Pro-lifers can use the “Baby Olivia” project to help build a pro-life culture where preborn babies are viewed as equal and valuable.

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