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Embrace the spirit of adventure and magic with a Peter Pan-themed baby shower that will transport guests to the magical world of Neverland. Inspired by the beloved stories of Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, and the Lost Boys, this unique celebration promises to be an unforgettable journey for the mother-to-be and her little one. From whimsical decor to fun games and activities, here are some captivating ideas to help you create a Peter Pan baby shower fit for a true adventurer.

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Peter Pan Baby Shower Invitation

Set the tone for a magical affair with invitations that capture the spirit of Neverland. Choose designs featuring Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and other iconic characters against a backdrop of starry skies and lush greenery. Add whimsical elements like pixie dust and fairy wings to evoke the magical atmosphere of the story.

Peter Pan themed Baby Shower Decorations

Transform the party space into a whimsical Neverland landscape with charming decor. Use shades of green, blue, and gold to evoke the lush forests, sparkling waters, and twinkling stars of Neverland. Hang paper lanterns or fairy lights from the ceiling to create a magical ambiance. Include elements like pirate ships, treasure chests, and fairy houses to bring the world of Peter Pan to life.

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Use Peter Pan’s Big Ben clock as the backdrop for a scene from Neverland. Paint or paste decals of Peter Pan, Wendy, and the Darling children flying over the London skyline or lounging in the lush greenery of Neverland.

A Peter Pan themed directional sign for a baby shower would be a fun idea as it adds a unique touch to your decor. You can purchase a printable template from BeeBeeRoom from ETSY below.

Peter Pan Themed Centerpieces

Create adorable baby shower centerpieces inspired by Peter Pan characters and themes. Use vintage-style lanterns filled with fake candles to evoke Neverland’s lantern-lit pathways. Surround them with lush plants, feathers, and gold coins to add an adventurous touch. Include figurines of Peter Pan, Wendy, and other characters to complete the unique look.

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Peter Pan Baby Shower Games

Set up a “Lost Boys Training Camp” where guests can participate in fun challenges like treasure hunts and obstacle courses. Include activities like crawling through tunnels, jumping over obstacles, and balancing on makeshift beams. Time each contestant as they navigate the course, and award prizes to the fastest “Lost Boy” or “Lost Girl.”


Create a craft station where guests can decorate their own fairy wings or pirate hat to wear during the party. Host a storytelling session where guests can share their favorite moments from the story of Peter Pan.

You can also set up a photo booth area with a backdrop featuring a scene from Neverland, such as the Jolly Roger pirate ship or the mermaid lagoon. Provide props such as pirate hats, fairy wings, and Peter Pan hats for guests to wear while posing for photos.

Peter Pan Baby Shower Food

Delight guests’ taste buds with a spread of exotic treats inspired by the world of Neverland. Serve pirate-themed appetizers like mini fish and chips, cannonball meatballs, and Jolly Roger-shaped cookies. Offer a selection of sweets including fairy dust cupcakes, Cakepops, Pixie Hollow fruit skewers, and Tinker Bell’s sugar cookies decorated with edible glitter.

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Quench guests’ thirst with refreshing drinks like Peter’s Punch or sparkling fairy punch. Make a sparkling punch by mixing lemon-lime soda, pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine for a hint of color. Garnish with fresh berries or citrus slices and serve in glasses with edible glitter for a touch of fairy dust magic.

Hook’s Chocolate Treasure Chests

Make miniature treasure chests using chocolate molds and fill them with assorted candies, chocolates, or truffles. Decorate chocolate treasure chests with edible gold dust or glitter dust for a metallic sheen, and place them on a bed of edible sand made from crushed graham crackers or cookies.


Neverland Cake

Featuring a centerpiece cake decorated with scenes from Neverland, such as Peter Pan flying over the London skyline, the Jolly Roger pirate ship sailing the ocean, or mermaids playing in the lagoon. Use fondant or edible images to create this intricate design, and top the cake with a Peter Pan or Tinker Bell figurine for added flair.

Never Grow Up Peter Pan themed baby shower cake
Peter Pan Baby Shower Cake Table

Pirate Ship Fruit Platter

Arrange sliced ​​fruits such as strawberries, grapes, and pineapple in a pirate ship shape on a large platter. Use toothpicks to secure sails made from strips of paper or fruit leather cut into triangles, and add a mini flag with a skull and crossbones design.

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Peter Pan Baby Shower Favors

Bring guests home with adorable baby shower favors that capture the spirit of Neverland. Consider creating custom tea packets that feature blends named after characters or locations from Peter Pan, such as “Lost Boys’ Chai” or “Tinker Tea.” Pack the tea bags in decorative pouches or boxes and attach a tag with brewing instructions and a heartfelt thank you message.

Alternatively, give guests lip balm tubes decorated with Tinker Bell-inspired labels. Choose lip balms with flavors like honey or mint to evoke the sweetness of fairy kisses. Attach a tag that says “Thanks for adding a little sparkle to our day!”

Peter Pan Party Collection

Check out these amazing Peter Pan themed baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their details below the picture! Have fun and get inspired!

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Neverland peter pan cookies
Peter Pan Baby Shower Tee Pee RKT, Naked Cake, Nutter Butter chocolate dipper crocs, and Tinkerbell
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Peter Pan baby shower full set up with beautiful tree stumps
Full Vintage Peter Pan baby shower sugar cookies set
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whimsy and adventure book decor for peter pan party
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