Postpartum Recipe Series ~ Summer 2023 — Bridgetown Baby

Voilà! Now you have a quick, hearty breakfast (or any-time-of-day) salad that’s delicious, packed with healthy components (including healthy fats, protein, B vitamins, lycopene, and vitamin C), and storable well in the fridge – if it lasts that long!

Here are some other kitchen tips from Bridgetown Baby’s postpartum doula team for maximum flavor, good health and ease of preparation:

The postpartum experience – as you raise your family and feed your children – is a time of intense caregiving. This is a good time to let your village feed you, whether through meals delivered by friends, snacks prepared by visiting family, or the experienced household management (and kitchen witchery) provided by postpartum doulas.

May you eat well, love well, and grow well!

In good health,

Your Bridgetown Baby Team

Many thanks to Nate Stevens for the great photos. Nate is the creative mind behind it Nate Stevens Curiosity Lab. With a passion for branding photography and creative portraiture, she has spent over a decade helping brands tell their unique stories. Nate’s work is about more than pictures; it’s about connecting and interacting with audiences. When not behind the lens, he explores new ways to challenge creative norms. The photos in this article offer a glimpse of his commitment to authentic engagement.

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