Pro-Life Governors Support Pregnancy Centers in Montana and Tennessee

On the first day of giving, he sent more than a partridge to a pear tree.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte recently donated twenty percent of his annual salary to Hope Pregnancy Ministries during his annual 12 Days of Giving campaign, which highlights the work of a dozen organizations serving Montanans who in need

Hope Pregnancy Ministries, in Kalispell, Montana, is one of the four organizations that did receive part of the governor’s salary in the 12 Days of Giving, held in December. The check from Gianforte was for $20,425, about a fourth of his salary after taxes.

“Our hope, through this program, is that Montanans will learn about these nonprofits and choose to support them,” he said of the campaign.

“Giving and serving our neighbors is part of who we are as Montanans, and in that spirit, I’m excited to bring back our 12 Days of Giving this year. For more than two decades, Hope Pregnancy Ministries has provided care and resources to young mothers and families, and I am proud to support the nonprofit in its mission.”

In October 2020, Gianforte promised Montanans that he would contribute his governor’s salary to nonprofit organizations and charities in the state.

Hope Pregnancy Ministries serves its community through the Clear Choice Clinic and Hope Family Resource Center. Clear Choice Clinic offers free and affordable elective health care and information for both men and women, including pregnancy and parenting support and services. Hope Family Resource Center provides support, resources, and new and gently used baby items for parents through its Baby Boutique.

“It’s great to know that our governor and his wife (Susan) are life-affirming and have made that an integral part of who they are as they lead our state,” said executive director Michelle Reimer. “Thank you for this gift, generous. We are excited to think about what God has in store for the future of Hope Pregnancy Ministries.”

In May of 2023, Gianforte signed into law a series of bills to protect the unborn and prevent taxpayer dollars from funding elective abortions.

“I truly believe all life is precious and should be protected,” he said. “Today, we give a voice to the voiceless…I am proud to round out our legislative session with another suite of pro-life, pro-family bills that protect the lives of Montana’s unborn babies.”

In September, another pro-life governor announced a $20 million grant initiative that will be a blessing to pro-life organizations in Tennessee.

to Governor Bill Lee Strong Families Grant Program will provide “an opportunity for nonprofit organizations and pregnancy centers serving Tennesseans to partner with the state to provide support based on the unique needs of the mothers, children, and families they serve.” The grant program will focus on various areas of pregnancy support, adoption, workforce assistance for new mothers, and housing assistance.

The new program is a part of Lee’s Strong Tennessee Families initiative, for which he has earmarked an investment of more than $600 million in the state’s FY24 budget.

“Being pro-life is about more than protecting the lives of the unborn — it’s also about protecting the dignity of every person,” Lee said. “Strong families are central to strong communities, and we are proud to partner with the General Assembly to prioritize resources for local partners serving Tennesseans in need. We welcome any Tennessee organization serving expectant mothers and families to apply for these critical grant funds.”

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