UN Human Rights Council makes stunning claim about ‘racial discrimination’

(National Review) The proud international community is determined to impose extremely progressive political policies around the world. Unfortunately, this also includes the injection of policies that arose out of the laudable attempt to draft an “International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.”

Ending racism is a sincere aspiration, of course. All people are equal by nature who must be judged on the content of their personality.

But globalists at the UN are pushing contentious cultural agendas under the guise of fighting racism, including as part of a supposed “right to health.” (Whether such a right should be recognized is a discussion for another day.) In its “First Draft General Recommendation on Racial Discrimination in the Enjoyment of the Right to Health,” UN bureaucrats labeled abortion restrictions as “racial discrimination.” Under the title, “Racial Discrimination in Public Health Rights, including Health Care Facilities, Services and Products,” the Recommendations assert:

Racial discrimination in physical, affordability, and accessibility of information:

(vi) Restrictive conditions under which the law permits access to sexual and reproductive information, services, and medicine, including family planning, vii) harassment, violence and criminalization of services related to sexual health and reproductive, especially abortion. [Emphasis added.]

And again, under the heading, “Racial Discrimination in the Right to Control One’s Health and Body:”

Unsafe abortion and racial discrimination:

People within the scope of the Convention are at increased risk of unwanted pregnancies and lack the means to overcome socioeconomic and other barriers to accessing safe abortion. Laws, decisions and practices that undermine the legal and practical access of women and persons with reproductive rights protected under the Convention to safe and legal abortion have a disproportionate impact on sexual and reproductive health and rights of groups and minorities within the scope of the Convention.particularly those with low incomes. Safe, legal and effective access to abortion is part of the right to control one’s health and body and the right to life of persons protected under the Convention.. [Emphasis added.]

In other words, the abortion restriction is redefined as racial discrimination against the right to health never mind that the restrictions in the law are not based on race — which should be removed:

Racial discrimination in the enjoyment of the right to health is prohibited under the Convention and States Parties are required to eliminate it in all its forms and guarantee equality before the law. The obligations must be read according to the objectives set out in the Preamble and the Convention as a whole. The elimination of racial discrimination in all its forms and manifestations requires immediate action and has a clear objective: to promote understanding between peoples and to build an international community free from all forms of segregation of race and racial discrimination.

The UN internationalists are all wrong. Laws that promoted easier abortions for minorities will do be racist and a form of eugenics. But laws preventing abortion are generally based on the belief that the unborn are fully human and equal to all human beings. In other words, whether one agrees or disagrees with the legal limits, such laws promote equality under the law, not vexatious discrimination based on race. really, it is the mirror opposite of the “racist” who wants more babies of color to be born instead of fewer!

Beyond that, approaching the issue this way is stupid. In a simple approach, the just cause of eliminating racism should focus exclusively on combating actual discriminatory policies. Throwing in irrelevant racial issues like abortion muddies that water. Progressive obsessions destroy even the most laudable agendas.

Editor’s Note: This article is original published in National Review and reprinted here with permission.

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