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Ways to announce your pregnancy to your family in person

you’re pregnant! Big congratulations! In the middle of all the joy and anticipation, comes the beautiful warm moment – telling a loved one that you are expecting! But with so many people to tell, comes the question of what are the best ways to announce your pregnancy to your family in person!

You only get one reveal, so make it one to remember!

When to announce your pregnancy to your family?

Many parents-to-be wait until the end of the first trimester — at week 13 — to tell friends and family about their pregnancy

Many factors influence why people wait until this time to share the news. First, many couples feel more comfortable until the first trimester is over and they can relax a bit.

Second, nine months is a long time. Tasting the news with your partner can be really special, if you have time to share the news, it can be fun to keep it your little secret.

However, the most important part of your decision should revolve around what makes you and your partner happy.

How not to announce your pregnancy

Of course, your partner is ahead if they don’t find out with you. Then comes the grandparents, uncles and aunts and your bffs. Co-workers and the whole of Instagram are late! There are some great ideas for social media announcements but close family will appreciate telling the special news in person!

You may inadvertently hurt a lot of feelings if the family finds out at the same time you make a social media announcement to the world.

Keep those pointers in mind and then let your creativity run wild with our top pregnancy shows!

Best way to announce your pregnancy to your family

Baby Announcement Onesie

Deliver this cute gift personally to Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles. Watch the emotions fly across their face, starting with confusion and ending with happiness! We love this little pitter-pattering, “baby coming” onesie as a great way to announce your pregnancy to the family in person!

Embroidered Ultrasound

embroidered ultrasound pregnancy announcement

How beautiful it is embroidery ultrasound by Moss and Feather. What a great way to announce your pregnancy AND a great pregnancy memory.

Egg Crack ad

ways to announce your pregnancy to your family in person

Another great way to announce your pregnancy to the family is to be cute “hatching” egg. Beautifully presented, when broken, it reveals a small message with big news. Have them open the box, read the “Crack Me” message and watch the smiles spread! So cute!

Pregnancy Announcement Cake

Pregnancy Announcement Cake is a fun way to announce your pregnancy to your close friends and family. Invite them over for tea and cake, and then put something like this gorgeous Pregnancy Announcement Cake on the table and watch their faces light up!

Dress up the dog!

ways to announce your pregnancy to your family in person

Who doesn’t love a dressed-up dog? Tie it up pregnancy reveal bib around your dog and let them run around spreading joy for you. Invite your parents, and let the dog get to the door first! Or have him sit quietly and wait for them to notice his bib!

Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirts

ways to announce your pregnancy to your family in person

Oh, we love them sweet t-shirts. Dress up the whole family and go around visiting your parents wearing these cool pregnancy reveal tees. You can also play this card with your other children, letting them know that they will have a new sibling.

Pregnancy Announcement Hat

ways to announce your pregnancy to your family in person

Working along the same lines as the t-shirt shows, spice up your pregnancy announcement with a helping hand hat.

Why not take a stroll to your next family gathering and let the hat do wonders for you?

Quarantine Baby!

Ok, it’s not really that different from the t-shirt reveal, but this t-shirt is so lovely that it has to get its own mention. Combining the love of friends in the world with the realities of quarantine, if it doesn’t bring laughter, your loved ones need to watch some Friends, yesterday!

Pregnancy Reveal Mystery

Don’t puzzle over how to reveal or announce your pregnancy, use a literal puzzle. Tripling as a cute activity, a treasured keepsake and a pregnancy disclosureThis puzzle is perfect for your partner, older kids or parents.

Pregnancy Announcement Plate

pregnancy announcement plate

Serve a slice of cake here Pregnancy Announcement Cake, $14 from Etsy. Wait until your Guest has polished off their cake and they’ve done what it says on the plate!

Hello Daddy Shirt

At the end of the day, sharing your good news with the world is exciting. Telling your immediate family is even better. Take advantage of the opportunity to have fun and double the fun! And make it an event they will always remember!

How did you announce your pregnancy? Share with us your favorite pregnancy announcement – or the horror stories where word first got out to the wrong people.

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