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What is a Teddy Bears Picnic and How Does it Work?

A teddy bear picnic is traditionally a children’s game or activity involving teddy bears, but it can also include other stuffed animals. The teddy bears’ picnic is a time for children and adults to enjoy the sun and get together. It’s about having fun and feeling safe. At the teddy bear picnic, it’s not about what you do, but who you’re with.

The rules are simple!

Bring your favorite teddy

Lay out a picnic blanket.

Sit on the ground and enjoy a picnic lunch with new friends!

If you’re planning a kids’ party, this can be a fun theme for a Spring or Summer party.

What are the origins of the Teddy Bears Picnic?

what do you do at a teddy bear picnic

Some believe the tradition originated in the United States in the 1920s. It may have been created by a Chicago social worker named Genevieve Thorne-Decker Freeman, who wanted to make life easier for children who lost their parents and lived in orphanages.

Others put the origin of Teddy Bear’s Picnic in a book. Teddy Bear Picnic is a children’s story first published by HC & Company in 1914, about a group of teddy bears who are hungry and decide to go on a picnic.

The Teddy Bear Picnic has been an iconic story for decades, but its origins are not entirely clear. One theory says that it comes from a German legend, which is older than the English version. Another theory is that it was created in England as part of an advertising campaign by Morris’s Bear Biscuits for their new product called Teddy Bear Picnic Biscuits.

The Teddy Bears Picnic Song

Teddy bears picnic is also a classic children’s song about the adventures of four bears who go on a picnic and can’t decide whether to eat their lunch or play.

The song was released in the 1950s and spread to England, where it became very popular. The song has been covered by many artists and has been translated into many languages.

What would you bring to the teddy bears’ picnic?

teddy bears picnic food ideas

Really all you need is your picnic basket, a picnic blanket, and a teddy!

Regarding food ideas, if you’re not sure what to bring, here are some ideas.

Food – Bring healthy, easy to prepare, and non-perishable food.

Drinks – Bring drinks that are kid-friendly, don’t need ice, and aren’t perishable.

Basket – Bring a basket to carry all your stuff.

Forks – Bring forks to eat your food.

Napkin – Bring a napkin just in case!

Check out these adorable Teddy Bears Picnic ideas here.

Teddy Bear Picnic Final Notes

Above all, the teddy bear picnic is a celebration of friendship and childhood. Ultimately, it’s about bringing people together to enjoy food, games, and activities. So grab your favorite teddy and pack your picnic basket!

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