You helped Marta and Benito choose life for their baby

AND abundant life in Christ for their family!

Marta* already had 3 children. But while he and his wife agreed that their family was complete… God had other plans. While taking a low dose of birth control, Marta was shocked to learn that she was pregnant. Instead of the excitement he felt in his first three, this time all he felt was fear.

Adding to her worries, Marta had just started a new job and had health issues that could cause complications. With so many issues pulling them in all directions, Marta’s husband, Benito*, pushes her to consider an abortion. Since Marta is a Christian and her faith tells her to keep the baby, they are at a crossroads.

Marta is lost and wants to talk to someone about her worries. He had heard of Care Net before from friends and decided to look them up. Marta called the Pregnancy Decision Line, Care Net’s national hotline, and was greeted by a sweet voice on the other line. She and her coach discussed her options and discussed what God wanted for her and her baby. The coach helped Marta find the nearest pregnancy center, and she decided to make an appointment with them to see what help they could offer. For the first time, Marta’s fear began to subside and gave way to hope.

Marta’s appointment at the pregnancy center was wonderful! She saw her baby for the first time on an ultrasound and even heard about the material and spiritual resources the pregnancy center could provide.

During her visit, she kept hearing the prompting of the Holy Spirit to take care of her baby. So that’s exactly what he decided to do! Marta’s hope was fully restored, and she began going to a high-risk OB to help her manage her health issues as soon as possible. She and her husband are excited to meet their new baby.

Hope is very important in our daily life. Without it, putting one foot in front of the other seems impossible. Because of compassionate people like you, Marta’s hope has been restored. Your caring for parents like her and Benito is breaking down the walls of fear for so many people. Thank you for supporting Care Net and its hotline, where hope and faith in God save lives!

Keep Saving Lives with Your Gift Today!

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