3 Ways to Use Your Prenatal Fitness Qualifications

3 Ways to Use Your Prenatal Fitness Qualifications. Looking to qualify to train prenatal and postpartum women? You’ll love it, and there are three main ways you can use your qualification.

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1. 1-on-1 training. This is a great way to help pregnant women achieve their fitness goals and meet exactly their needs as they grow through their pregnancy.

2. Pregnancy-specific / postpartum-specific exercise classes. It’s stronger than you know.

Pregnant women often want to meet other pregnant women who live in their area, such as new mothers.

I’ve had girls make lifelong friendships from my classes, and their children have literally grown up together. This is a rewarding way to train your clients.

3. Use your knowledge to modify for pregnant or postpartum women in your existing or non-pregnancy / postpartum specific classes.

It doesn’t have to be just one of the above methods, combining them is also a great way to use your knowledge and skills.

3 Ways to Use Your Prenatal Fitness Qualifications

Ready to Start a Generous Career?

When pregnant, many women feel tired, fatigued and nauseous. Their body is full of pain and pain. They go through some big changes and their body feels different.

Pre and Postnatal Exercise Certification Course

There is a great need for qualified prenatal and postpartum exercise specialists.

Unfortunately, too many trainers lack the formal training necessary to prescribe prenatal exercise. This is where YOU can create a new career path for yourself AND help women in need.

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Here’s What You Get

1. Online course that you can do at home

2. 12 course modules

3. 200+ lessons

4. Guided, progressive course design

5. 60+ training videos

6. More than 100 prenatal topics are covered

7. Basic postpartum topics are covered

8. Pregnancy training library

9. Postpartum training library

10. 15 AUSactive CEC points

11. CEU points


13. Prenatal Postnatal Exercise Course And So Much More!

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