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5 Minute Favors For A Baby Shower

Popular 5 Minute Favors: Baby shower favors don’t have to be stressful and expensive. By using our easy favor ideas, you’re all set! Below are some fun ideas to inspire you!

baby shower favors – you are so sweet, enjoy this treat

baby shower favors

5 minute coffee themed Favors and Prizes

Coffee Themed Favors and Prizes

For a quick and easy favor or prize idea, grab a mug (we got it at the eat the dollar store), add some candy, biscotti or cookies. Pair it with a bottle of Starbucks cold brew coffee (found at most grocery stores.)

The total for all of these comes to about $7 – so you can give them as baby shower prizes, or even as favors for each guest to take home.

Bundle up in a gift bag to make them beautiful!

free printable “Oh baby’ favor tags


Get them FREE printable favor tags shop – print – trim and add to your baby shower favors!

We have a ton of other free options available on the site too! Click on the image above to get your free tags.

Champagne Baby Shower Favors

Champagne Baby Shower Favors

For these cute favors, all we did was buy some stemless champagne flutes from Target, add some silver Sixlet candies, and top with blue swirl lollipops from WalMart (in the party supply aisle .)

I think it’s a great idea to give out the champagne/candy glasses as favors, and give out bottles of champagne from the baby shower prizes.

They have tons of cute colored champagne labels that will match any baby shower theme perfectly.

Champagne Baby Shower Favors
Champagne Baby Shower Favors

You can even add mini M&M’s!

See more fun champagne favors and prize ideas

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Baby Shower Favors

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Baby Shower Favors

For this super easy 5 minute favor idea, all you have to do is spread peanut butter between two Ritz crackers, dip in melted white chocolate, place on parchment paper or foil, sprinkle with cute sprinkles and let dry .

Bundle in cellophane favor bags and give to guests as baby shower favors.

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Baby Shower Favors

Melt the chocolate according to package directions.

baby shower favors
Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Baby Shower Favors

Chocolate Dipped Wafer Baby Shower Favors

Chocolate Dipped Wafer Baby Shower Favors
Chocolate Dipped Wafer Baby Shower Favors

These chocolate-dipped wafer cookies are so easy to make!

Just melt white or milk chocolate in the microwave, dip the tip of each cookie in the chocolate, place on parchment paper, add fun toppings and let dry.

Serve on a tray as baby shower snacks or bundle in cute favor bags and give as baby shower favors!

Chocolate Dipped Wafer Baby Shower Favors
Chocolate Dipped Wafer Baby Shower Favors
Chocolate Dipped Wafer Baby Shower Favors
Chocolate Dipped Wafer Baby Shower Favors

easier baby shower favor ideas

Baby Onesie Cookies:

  • Buy or bake baby onesie-shaped cookies.
  • Decorate with icing or use edible markers to add cute designs.
  • Place each cookie in a small, clear bag and tie with a ribbon.

Cute Jar of Candy or Treats:

  • Fill small jars with colorful candies or baby-themed treats.
  • Tie a ribbon around the jar and attach a small tag with a thank you message.

Handmade Baby Shower Soap:

  • Buy small, baby-shaped soap molds.
  • Melt the glycerin soap and pour it into the molds.
  • Once set, take out the soaps and place them in clear bags with a ribbon.

Baby themed Seed Packets:

  • Create custom seed packets with a baby theme (eg, “Baby Sprinkle Seeds”).
  • Fill each packet with flower or herb seeds.
  • Decorate with a ribbon and a tag with planting instructions.

Customized Hand Sanitizer Bottles:

  • Buy small and travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer.
  • Create custom labels with baby’s name and shower date.
  • Attach labels to hand sanitizer bottles for a practical and useful favor.

Scented Sachets:

  • Fill small organza bags with fragrant potpourri or dried lavender.
  • Tie the bags with a ribbon and attach a small tag with a sweet message.

Mini Potted Plants:

  • Buy small potted plants or succulents.
  • Decorate the pots with baby themed stickers or paint.
  • Tie a ribbon around each pot for an attractive and lively favor.

Candle Jar Favors:

  • Buy or make small, scented candles in jars.
  • Personalize the jars with baby themed labels.
  • Tie a ribbon around each jar for a cute and practical gift.

Customized Lip Balm:

  • Order or make lip balm in small containers.
  • Design custom labels with a baby motif and a thank you message.
  • Attach labels to lip balm containers for a thoughtful and useful favor.

You can find most of the items mentioned above (including personalized items at Beau Coup!

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A Parent’s Dream: Baby Shusher Sound Machine Review

baby shusher gift

The Baby Shusher Sound Machine is a parenting game-changer, solving a number of ailments associated with soothing newborns and providing myriad benefits for both babies and their sleep-deprived parents.

It helps to:

1. Sleep Struggles: The rhythmic “shhhh” sound emitted by the Baby Shusher mimics the comforting noises babies experience in the womb, effectively lulling them to sleep. It addresses a common challenge for parents who struggle to lull their babies to a peaceful slumber.

2. On-the-Go Soothing: The Baby Shusher’s portable design makes it a versatile tool for calming babies in a variety of settings. Whether in a nursery, travel bag, car seat, changing table, or stroller, parents can take the magic of sleep wherever they go.

3. Adjustable Settings: Parents can customize the shushing experience by setting the machine to run for 15, 20, or 30 minutes. This feature is a thoughtful touch, which provides flexibility to adapt to different tasks and sleep preferences.

4. Easy Operation: The user-friendly design allows parents to turn on the Baby Shusher or adjust the volume effortlessly by simply twisting the base. This simplicity is a welcome convenience in those moments when fast, quiet operation is essential.

5. Pediatrician-Approved Safety: Designed by pediatricians and manufactured with safety in mind, the Baby Shusher is durable made from BPA-free and Phthalate-free materials. Parents can trust that their baby’s well-being is a top priority.

Why Parents Love It:

1. Quality Sleep for Babies: The gentle, rhythmic “shhhh” sound creates a soothing environment conducive to deep sleep for babies, promoting healthier sleep patterns.

2. Portable Convenience: Powered by two AA Duracell batteries and equipped with an attachable strap, the lightweight Baby Shusher is a travel-friendly essential for parents on the go.

3. Parental Peace of Mind: Knowing that the Baby Shusher is recommended by pediatricians and designed with safety in mind gives parents peace of mind that they are using a reliable and secure tool for calming their baby.

4. Thoughtful Gift Options: The Baby Shusher makes for a great gift and a valuable addition to any newborn baby gift registry. This is a practical and generous gift for new parents.

The Baby Shusher Sound Machine stands out as a highly effective, portable, and parent-friendly solution to the age-old challenge of lulling newborns to sleep. With its adjustable settings, ease of use, and commitment to safety, it’s not just a sleep aid; it’s a must-have for every parent’s toolbox.

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