Fresh Spring Playdate Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Play

The days are getting longer, and the sun is starting to shine again, which means spring with plenty of opportunities to get out of the house and schedule some fun, seasonal playdate ideas. As moms and little ones agree, socializing is good for everyone. So, who doesn’t enjoy a playdate or two? If you need fresh ideas for the coming months, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of spring playdate ideas you’ll be happy to put on your kids’ calendars.

Indoor Spring Playdate Ideas for Rainy Days

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t have a playdate! Here are three ideas you can use to encourage children to learn and use their imaginations.

Have a Dress-Up Party

Set out a variety of clothes and accessories, or invite the kids to bring their own, and watch little ones keep their imaginations entertained for hours playing dress up.

Set Up Simple Science Experiments

Happy little Asian school kid learning science, making DIY Lava Lamp Science Experiment with oil, water and food coloring, Kid-friendly fun and easy science experiments at home concept

Have the children make a slingshot popsicle sticksexplore the sinking and floating objects in your kitchen, and observe Skittles soluble in water; the options are endless. Kids will love the opportunity to get hands-on and inquisitive with simple DIY science experiments.

Spark Creativity with the Indoor Obstacle Course

Mixed race baby girl crawling on a cardboard box in the living room at home, her father holds the box up for her, her sister holds out her hands for her to come to him and his mother was behind.

Encourage children to use household items such as pillows, laundry baskets, soft play blocks, hula hoops, and more to design a challenge that will be as fun to build as it is to complete. They can even invite family members (or stuffed animals) to cheer on the participating Olympians in the future.

Active Ideas for Spring Playdates

At the end of winter, the weather may not be warm enough to run outside for long hours. So, here are some active playdate ideas that kids can do indoors, not just in early spring but all year round.

Go Ice Skating at an Indoor Ice Rink

Having a good time in an ice skating arena.

Outdoor rinks may close for the season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lace up and get the clan out on the ice at an indoor rink. If you have younger skaters, see if training carts are available for them to push.

Jump on an Indoor Trampoline Park

Full length low angle portrait of happy African-American boy jumping on trampoline in colorful kids play center

Fun for all ages (adults too!), plan this playdate for the early hours of the day to ensure a solid afternoon nap to follow. Hesitant to take the smallest child? Many trampoline parks offer weekly hours for children, which means older children are not allowed.

Sign Up for an Open Swim Session

Best friends, girls smiling in swimming pool wearing goggles.

If your local community center or sports complex has a pool for public use, this is another great option to burn off some energy in a fun setting. Open swimming is the perfect opportunity to acclimate children to the water before summer.

Take a Mommy and Me Yoga Class

Mother and daughter working out exercising at home

The right blend of movement and Zen, experienced yogis and amateurs will fit into mommy’s yoga classes. You can expand your playdate circle as you connect with other moms and babies on the mat.

Creative Ideas for Spring Playdates

Indoors or outdoors, rainy or not, you can encourage kids to get creative with a craft, some paint, or an art studio.

Host a Japan Full of Arts and Crafts

Different groups of children at the art and craft table at the easter party for children

With the beauty of the changing season there is enough inspiration for children to be creative in their juices. Set up stations with watercolor paints, made of paper, friendship bracelet materials, and more, and watch your budding artists’ visions come to life. A little prep work can go a long way here.

Paint an Egg Together

Overhead view on Childs hand painting easter eggs on old wooden table

You can’t go wrong with this essential spring activity, even if you don’t celebrate Easter. Offer paint, stickersand stencils for the ultimate decorating eggstravaganza. For added fun, encourage the kiddos to set up an egg hunt afterward!

Register for a DIY Class at an Art or Maker’s Studio

Two young classmates sitting next to the table and painting their own clay objects in the lesson

This one is perfect if you’re hoping to get out of the house for a lowkey but structured, hands-on occasion. Depending on your child’s age, choose from pottery spinning to canvas painting and everything in between.

Laidback Spring Playdate Ideas

Try one of these if you’re in the mood for a calmer, more relaxed playdate to catch up with friends.

Go Mall Walking

Shop baby stores with a stroller.  baby in stroller

Load up the stroller and head to the mall for some window shopping and plenty of time to talk with mom. You’ll catch up on your steps (and gossip) while the little ones lay down–and maybe even lay down for a nap.

Take a walk in the Park

Three smiling children enjoying the playground.

Or hit your nearest playground. A no-nonsense playdate idea, springtime is a great time to get this one on the calendar–maybe even over and over again. Pack a picnic and a outer blanket along with these playdates are must-haves; you are good to go

Grab Lunch Somewhere with a Designated Play Area

A boy on a slide playing in a ball pit

You get a break from cooking and cleaning, and the kiddos can climb, slide, and play safely in an enclosed area while you catch your breath. It’s a win-win.

Special Occasion Spring Playdate Ideas

Are you interested in changing things up a bit? You can try a special playdate at a show or for a sweet treat somewhere in the neighborhood or nearby.

Get Your Splash on at an Indoor Waterpark

Huge variety of colored chutes as spiral and pool in

Although they are often attached to hotels, you can purchase day passes to indoor waterparks as a standalone option. Many locations feature toddler pools, and some even boast onsite arcades for double the fun.

Attend an Ice Show

Little boy standing to watch a concert

This extra special playdate idea will create magical memories to be cherished for years to come. Whether it’s Disney On Ice, Stars On Ice, or anything on ice, the experience is one to remember for everyone in the stands.

Have an Ice Cream Party

Children with colorful balloons and ice-cream in the park

Since memories are meant to be made and shared, spring is a great time to do just that, have an ice cream party just because you can. Get creative with fun toppings and let the kids celebrate the warming weather and the end of the school year.

Other Spring Playdate Ideas

Another playdate idea for spring is that kids can experience everything from baby animals to new dance moves.

Visit a Farm

People often equate this outing with pumpkin patches, hayrides, and other fall activities, but spring is a wonderful time to take a field trip. I mean, who doesn’t love baby ducklings hatching and wildflowers blooming?

See the Zoo

Multi-ethnic group of children (7 to 11 years) at the zoo feeding giraffes.

Planning a fun day at the zoo before summer gives you a classic animal experience without the crowds and heat.

Go to an Outdoor Theater

Lovely girl in a vintage pink smocked dress, running by flashing a peace sign, two fingers up to the camera.  Nostalgic, stylish retro image.  Peace, love, and childhood.  Full of energy, vibrancy and a cool festival feel

Some areas have outdoor theaters, outdoor movies, and outdoor concerts. Check out the upcoming shows on their calendars and pick the right one for your next spring play date. As the weather warms up, you’ll enjoy getting some fresh air and entertainment. And some outdoor theaters offer free shows too!

Attend a Storytime at the Library

Beautiful Hispanic female kindergarten teacher smiles while reading a story book to a class of kindergarten students.

Young people enjoy structured entertainment in a group setting, while parents enjoy the presence of other adults. Plus, story times at the library are usually free.

Try a Gymnastics or Dance Cass

Three preschool children are inside their school.  They are having fun in gym class.  They were leaning on a gymnastics mat and smiling together.

Many baby gyms and dance studios offer free trial classes. If you’ve never participated in one before, prepare to be hooked. Make a (play) date to try it out before signing up for the fall start.

No matter how busy your family’s schedule is in the coming months, you’ll want to make room for people-pleasing playdates to keep everyone entertained and happy. We hope this list is useful and inspiring to you this spring. Let the good times bloom!

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