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Birthday Party Ideas for Teen Boys (that their mates will love!)

When they say kids grow up fast, they really do! Before you know it, your little boy will be a teenager. Although they’ve changed, they may still want a birthday party, but with a teen twist. Here are some birthday party ideas for teen boys to help you envision their next birthday!

Birthday Fun Ideas for Teen Boys

Backyard campout

teen boys backyard campout party

If your teenage boy loves the great outdoors, consider hosting a backyard campout. This is not only a great way to enjoy the fresh air but will make a wonderful memory. Have him and his guests set up a tent to sleep under the stars and serve smores. Next, take turns telling ghost stories around a real fire or made of flashlights.

Build a fort out of sticks, or make it a competition using teams. Or play some fun teen party games. Additionally, if there is time, consider making it a hiking party and go on an adventure!

Escape Room Party

escape room kit for kids

Escape rooms are a big trend right now but can vary when it comes to skill difficulty. If you don’t have a local to talk to, or you’d rather party at home, there’s another option! Why not host an Escape Room party at home! And the best way to do it is with a ready Escape room kit.

It’s very simple, just download and print the game cards and accessories, follow the game instructions and you’re good to go! The kids will love it, what’s more fun than transforming your living room into your own custom Escape Room!

Check out this one called Rebel Revoltwhich is perfect for a teen party! $29, Lock Paper Scissors.

Paintball Party

birthday party ideas for teenagers

Paintball has become a popular activity over the years. If the birthday person and their staff like it, it would be a great theme for a party. First, make sure everyone has the necessary equipment. Second, find a location where it is allowed and safe. Third, have a game and finally, have fun! A cake that looks like it’s been hit with paintballs will tie it all together nicely.

Minutes to Win the Party

Not only is this theme a great way to include everyone, but it’s also a wonderful choice for any teen who likes a little competition. Minute to Win This is a game show where contestants participate in 60-second challenges using items found around the house. Put the guests into teams and let them come up with a team name and perform a cheer. Then test the group different challenges while making each other happy. It’s sure to be a fun time!

Fear Factor Party

Another popular show back then was Fear Factor. This theme can cover both physical and mental challenges for the birthday boy and his friends. To summarize, see who is the bravest by setting up stations to try it. For example, have guests hand out a mystery box to guess what they’re holding or do a baby food taste test. You can also see who can keep their feet in the ice cold water the longest. Choose activities that are safe and age appropriate and face your fears!

Olympics themed party

teen boys party ideas

Whether it’s winter or summer, the Olympics are an exciting event to watch! It also makes a great theme! Make your own Olympic rings to display while making an Olympic torch for the birthday boy to carry. Visitors will choose the country they want to represent as they compete in Olympic-inspired activities. For example, relay races around the backyard passing batons, see who can shoot the farthest shot and maybe even have athletes create their own gymnastics routines. Either way, it’s going to be a party that gets everyone together and it’s fun!

The floor is Lava Party

Floor is Lava has become a children’s game for many, but why not make it more challenging? Create an obstacle course in or in the back yard. Not only can you work as a team but you can also time individuals and see who can make it to the end without getting hit by the “lava.” A great way to end this party is with chocolate lava cake.

Sports themed party

party ideas for teen boys

A sports themed birthday party is perfect for any athlete. Choose to focus on their favorite sport or show them all. Organize a friendly game of soccer or ball hockey while enjoying something from the bbq. Serve a football-shaped cake and decorate with sports team logos for extra sportiness!

STEM Soiree

Another awesome theme is STEM! A party that revolves around science, technology, engineering and math after all would be perfect for any kiddo who loves to learn! Have guests and the birthday boy build their own tunnel system using cardboard tubes and tape and see if they can get a pom pom from point A to B. Building with Lego or creating their own Slime are fun STEM activities. Whatever you choose these teenage scientists will be excited!

Backyard Movie Night

If he is a movie buff than a backyard movie night would be awesome! Invitations can be movie ticket stubs and the cake can be shaped like an old school projector. Take the TV outside or set up a sheet to project a movie. For added ambiance, place pillows and other seating in front for a comfortable setting. Also have popcorn, pretzels, chocolate and pop during the show. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, don’t worry of course! Set up the theater in your living room or basement. It will be like your own personal cinema!

Games night

Some young people love an old-fashioned board game night, so why not make it the theme of their birthday? Set up different games around the room for guests to enjoy or have everyone play the same game if it allows for multiple players. Maybe card games are more of a favorite or set up a chess or checkers tournament. Order a pizza and play! No one can get bored at a board game party.

Wet and wild

pool party for young men

During the warmer months, a way to cool off is a great choice for a theme! do you have a pool Then, perfect, throw a pool party. If not, think of other ways to have a wet and wild party. For example, take a slip and slide out where everyone takes turns sliding down the grass. Later, fill up the water balloons and water guns and battle it out! Even the young can’t resist the fun of a water fight.

Video Games

Some young people are all about video games! Actually, a video game party can take place in person or all online. There are many multiplayer games out there that friends can join in from their own homes. If you choose to do this, maybe drop a gaming pack with some snacks to enjoy while playing. If doing this in person, let guests take turns playing levels and cheer each other on.

Trivia Night

Test everyone’s knowledge at a birthday party themed trivia night! Buy an age-appropriate game or create your own questions. If she loves sports, have a sports-themed trivia night or make it all about the city you live in or the TV shows she watches. Divide guests into groups and see who knows the most!

Harry Potter Party

If your teenage boy is a Harry Potter fan, then this is a fun theme for a birthday party! If the kids are keen to dress up, then this makes a great fancy dress event. Check out our Harry Potter party ideas feature here for more.

Regardless of their interests, one of these birthday party ideas for teen boys will give an idea for his next party! In summary, choose something that he will enjoy and that he thinks is cool. It will also be fun to work together to make her party epic!

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