Viral TikTok Helps Moms Set Boundaries For The Holidays

The holidays are here, and for new parents bringing baby to events, get-togethers and family functions, everyday social interaction can suddenly become a minefield. To avoid arguments and keep things simple this season, one mom has gone viral for her list of baby boundaries to share with your family and friends.

Motherhood influencer and mother of three Alexis, @alexiskristiana got nearly 33,000 views of her go-to boundaries for parents with a newborn this season. These include:

  • Baby will not be passed. “We don’t play hot potato with a newborn or a baby. We just don’t,” she says.
  • Do not share photos without permission. “I think this is the weirdest thing ever. If the parent hasn’t announced they have a newborn, let’s not share newborn Christmas photos without them sharing them first. Let’s not do that.”
  • We don’t kiss babies this holiday season. This one is especially important as the season of the big three respiratory diseases, RSV, flu and Covid are increasing in high numbers.

Beyond these boundaries about how to manage the baby, Alexis also outlines the boundaries parents can set around their needs and new bodies.

  • Keep your counsel within—to yourself— unless we really ask for it. “We don’t want to hear it. Keep it to yourself.”
  • Let’s understand when we have to leave early. “Let’s not have a major freak out if we have to leave early to meet the needs of our family, because that comes first.”
  • We feed our baby wherever and whenever we need. “We’re not hiding in cupboards or in our car, we’re feeding right there next to you while you eat your cake on Christmas day.”
  • Let’s not talk about the comments on moms’ bodies and how her body’s changed since she became a mom, it’s not cool. “We are patient. We give grace. We never expected to be the same as we were last year or two years before because we had these babies and kids. Things are different. Let’s respect where we are in the season and not judge new moms,” she notes.

Alexis puts together the video encouraging new moms to embrace how things can be different this season and be brave in setting these boundaries. If you feel awkward setting boundaries, remember that boundaries are not a list of do-nots but a helpful list of things that allow both parties, you and your family, to communicate. -communicate with confidence.

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