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Drive By Baby Shower – How-To Guide

Drive-By Baby Showers have been a huge feature this past year! Pregnancy is an incredible experience like no other. Expectations and hopes create a world unto themselves. Special events bring great joy to highlight this unique time. And throwing a Baby Shower is one of them.

What is a Drive-by Baby Shower?

When we think of a traditional Baby Shower, we usually think of a gathering of family and friends, special food, games, and lots of fun. During the pandemic, drive-by Baby Showers have become super trendy and equally effective. Bringing a message of love and care to expectant parents and new babies has always been at the core of Baby Showers. A drive-by Baby Shower does just that.

More visible than a virtual Baby Shower, guests will drive-by to a designated location at a specific time. Just like a parade, the decorated cars will line up and slowly pass by while waving, honking, and shouting good wishes to the expectant Mommy and Daddy.

Aside from the actual drive-by, gifts are always welcome. Often received by a friend or family member, guests can stop for a moment to give a gift from the safe distance of their car or place a gift on a designated gift table. By creatively arranging gifts on the driveway, lawn, or table, guests will have a chance to view the goodies. Mom-to-be may want to take a few minutes to chat and thank visitors.

Because food is not shared among a group, individually wrapped desserts or other catered foods can be easily exchanged whether passed to drivers or taken from a dessert table when stopping to give gifts.

Also, a drive-by Baby Shower has all the elements of a traditional shower, but they are expressed in a new way. The idea remains the same, to shower Mom and new baby with love and support for a new adventure in life.

Who Hosts a Drive-by Baby Shower?

A drive-by baby shower is hosted by someone who usually hosts a traditional shower. For example, a family member or friend. Also, there’s no shame in hosting one yourself! Just remember that these extraordinary times call for creative solutions. Honestly, there’s less planning and pulling off of a drive-by baby shower than an old school shower. And there is no need for house cleaning or basic food preparation. The desire to see the smiles of your friends and receive their good wishes before the arrival of the baby is as traditional as ever.

How Do You Plan a Drive-by Baby Shower?

When planning a drive-by Baby Shower there are several factors to consider. Some of the planning is the same, however, some plans will be slightly adjusted. First of all, consider the comfort level for the Mom-to-be.

If you have a garage, consider opening it up and setting up a comfortable chair or chaise inside. Another idea is to set up a canopy tent in the yard or driveway. Especially if you are planning a Summer event! Also consider how to arrange the decorations in the chosen area.

Second, send out invitations a few weeks in advance. Whether by email, e-vite, or snail mail, be sure to include the location. Also, assign a specific time period. You may want to include a brief explanation of a drive-by shower. Ask guests to decorate their cars with signs, banners, streamers, balloons, etc.

Next, decide where to place the gifts. Choose to set up a decorated table or an area in the yard or driveway. Everyone likes to see all the great gifts so keep them visible for everyone to enjoy.

Planning a Drive-by Baby Shower

Certainly, continue the festive atmosphere as you decorate the yard as well. Signs, balloons, arches, streamers, and banners herald the celebration. Flowers and potted plants are also a nice addition.

Plan for individually wrapped meals for easy grab and go. Cupcakes and individual dessert treats are a great choice. Alternatively, getting the caterer to make separate boxes of goodies for each guest in the car also works. Check out our Drive By Baby Shower food ideas post here for more inspiration.

Another way to get guests involved is to ask them to write their wishes for the new baby and put them in a jar when dropping off gifts. After the shower, invite guests to a Zoom gift opening ceremony where they can be read. Words of encouragement and love can help mom feel valued.

Where Do Guests Leave Gifts at a Drive-by Baby Shower?

The gifts, the gifts… what baby shower isn’t complete without gifts for the new baby? Showing love to mother and baby through gift giving is a time-honored tradition. Despite social distancing and masks, guests can still bring gifts to the drive-by baby shower. However, it looks a little different.

One idea is to create a specific area in the yard or driveway to put them. Place a colorful fabric down to highlight the space. Add potted plants and flowers to brighten up the area. Another option is to set up a table outside and decorate it with a sign, balloons, flowers, and a nice tablecloth. Guests can stop to place the gifts in the appropriate place. If this doesn’t seem feasible, designate someone to receive gifts from guests’ cars.

Certainly, gifts can be preordered and delivered if guests are more comfortable with those and a Gift Registry works well for that reason. Although the methods of giving may have changed, the expression of gift giving remains the same.

Drive-by Shower Ideas

Basically, when planning a drive-by baby shower you can choose any theme you want! If vintage Campers are your thing, check it out Petals and Picnics which will do the whole set up for you.

Check out our Baby Shower themes for girls, Baby Shower themes for boys and our Gender Neutral themes for tons of ideas.

Remember, you can really go with any theme you choose for a traditional Baby Shower. Party planners Claudette’s Events set up this sweet Miami Shower trip. They said, “Our clients wanted something very simple so I made this backdrop for them. The color scheme is blush, peach, white & gold with a touch of greenery. The theme is Safari animals with masks!”.

If you know you’re having a boy or a girl, you can choose to go the traditional route with a pink or blue shower. Or you might want to go for a Storybook Baby Shower, where guests bring a book for the baby.

Drive-by Baby Shower Decorations

Jazz up the chair for the mom-to-be! Dress it up to look discarded. Cover it with a soft fabric that matches the theme. Add ribbons and bows. Bunches of balloons that match your color scheme are a lively way to brighten up the shower. Hang streamers, display flowers, choose linens that will accent the decor. You can also add a balloon arch for added fun.

Check out the list of suppliers here for our favorite US based stylists offering styling, hire and the full set up!

Drive Through Baby Shower Chairs

Of course the Mama to be needs somewhere stylish (and comfortable) to sit! If you have a nice chair in your house, you can use that, borrow one from a friend, rent one from a party rental place or treat yourself to one!

Add a rug underneath for extra luxury and layers, along with some cushions and flowers to soften the look.

Drive-by Baby Shower Signs

Custom make baby shower signs or make signs. Place them along the drive to where the mom-to-be is waiting. Drape a large banner behind mom’s chair in honor of the beautiful mom-to-be. Consider posting signs designated for gift and dessert areas.

Drive-by Baby Shower Favors

Since guests aren’t staying, make it easy and give each guest a bag of goodies or take home treats as they drive by.

Customized minis are always great for baby showers. Items can include a water bottle with a customized label, a tin of mints or candies, a mini hand sanitizer with a custom label, a gender reveal bath bomb, a packet of wildflower seeds if it’s a girl or a packet of herb seeds if there is a customized man. indicates a baby boy or girl in bloom. Slip these items and any others you might want to include in an adorable thank you bag with a message.

Drive-by Baby Shower Tips

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Check the weather (Have a backup plan in case it rains). As an Event Planner, Hello Pretty Events says “Make sure you check the weather. Remember, the wind is not our friend when it comes to a drive-by party”!
  3. Choose a theme!
  4. Decide whether guests should give gifts or leave their cars and place gifts in a designated gift area.
  5. Select the menu.

Surprisingly, drive-by Baby Showers have become the new norm. They are interactive and in-person but distant from society. On the plus side, Moms are less likely to be overwhelmed or stressed during these showers because they are less time-consuming and less stimulating.

Before the drive-by Baby Shower, the mom-to-be reached out and made more of an effort than simply waving and blowing kisses to guests as they drove by. While it may be true that we miss the hugs and extra attention, this is a great alternative in a similar way to the traditional baby shower.

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