The Best Maternity Winter Coats to Keep Your Bump Warm This Winter

Winter pregnancies. core As if both winter and pregnancy weren’t enough to deal with on their own. Now you have to figure out a way to zip up a lump that changes in a minute into a coat that actually keeps you warm? Your regular winter coat will do the trick for the first few months, but the perfect maternity winter coat is your secret weapon for staying warm and stylish through snow, sleet, and everything in between.

From sleek parkas with discreet belly panels to elegant wool coats that offer extra room without sacrificing style, the options are endless. And let’s talk about those clever designs–expandable side zippers, adjustable belts, and convertible styles that can be worn during and after pregnancy. Yes, many of these maternity winter jackets are designed to fit your post-pregnancy body, making them a worthwhile investment. Of course you can always choose a regular sized coat, but many maternity-specific styles also double as babywearing style coats, which certainly extends their life as well.

What about maternity coat extenders?

Also, don’t miss the magic of maternity coat extenders, a game-changing accessory for expectant moms braving the winter. Think of them as your coat’s own bump-friendly expansion pack. These smart additions zip or button seamlessly into your existing coat, offering extra room for your growing belly. This means you can keep rocking your favorite non-maternity winter coat throughout your pregnancy. It’s not only a win for your wallet, but also for your sense of style. The best part? Some extenders can even be used after delivery for babywearing, keeping you and your little one cozy and comfortable. They’re the perfect solution for moms-to-be who aren’t ready to commit to a full maternity coat but still need an extra inch or two of warmth.

To help you in your quest to stay warm this winter, we’ve searched high and low for the best maternity winter coats and coat extenders out there. Whether you’re looking for something waterproof for those slushy days or a stylish wool blend for crisp winter walks, we’ve got you covered. So bundle up, mama-to-be, and enjoy the winter wonderland in comfort and style. (Sorry about the part where you have to drag winter boots with a belly out of the way. We know the struggle.)

Maternity winter coats

Ingrid + Isabel


A practical bomber-style puffer that will have even non-pregnant friends asking “where did you get that?”, the Ingrid + Isabel Grow With You Puffer Jacket is almost unmistakable as a maternity coat. It has side zips that, when unzipped, instantly add eight inches of space to accommodate your growing bump. The elasticated hem and high neckline help keep the cool down, and we have to admit–we love the fact that it’s not just basically black. (Even black is available if that’s your style!)

Seraphine 3-in-1 Winter Maternity Parka



Yes, it’s an investment, but consider this popular choice a regular coat with a maternity and postpartum upgrade. Dubbed the 3-in-1 Winter Maternity Parka, the two-piece coat is designed to be worn “for bump, for baby, and forever.” Throughout your pregnancy, the empire waist silhouette allows it to zip through each trimester. For babywearing when your little one arrives, zip up the extra panel to create a cozy kangaroo pouch to keep them close and warm. And when that’s over, it’s simply a top-notch jacket! We love the thoughtful details like the removable faux fur trim on the hood, as well as the comfortable faux fur lining that makes it warm enough for even the coldest weather.

Kimi + Kai Paisley Wool Blend Maternity Duffle Coat

Kimi + Kai


This timeless style is great if you want something a little dressier but not so dressy you can’t wear it every day. The A-line cut leaves room for a growing belly without covering your frame with a ton of fabric. Details like generous pockets, toggle buttons and a removable hood are just the icing on the cake! (Note that most reviewers suggest downsizing because it’s quite large.)

Nom Maternity 3-in-1 Maternity Coat

Name Maternity


Another practical 3-in-1 style we love is the 3-in-1 Maternity Coat from Nom Maternity. Equipped with three removable panels to expand the jacket through pregnancy and babywearing, this one gets high marks for its ability to look great at every stage. It’s streamlined enough to wear sans bump or baby, so you’ll get plenty of use over the years and it’s a great weight for both fall and winter. (Just add an extra layer for extra cold days!)

Modern Eternity Lightweight Down 3-in-1 Maternity:Nursing Jacket

Modern Eternity


As a 20 year Vermonter, I can attest to the fact that no jacket is more versatile than a sheer puffer. It’s warm without being bulky and when you need to peel it off, it can easily be tucked away in your bag or backpack. This 3-in-1 style offers all that with the added bonus of an extender panel that accommodates the bump and babe. The length hits below your bum for extra warmth too.

Maacie 3-in-1 Maternity Jacket with Removable Vest



At less than $90 bucks, this convenient Amazon find gets rave reviews for its quality and warmth. It is conveniently designed with a removable panel for pregnancy and postpartum. The wind and waterproof shell keeps you dry and comfortable, while the removable vest adds a layer to block the chill. Best of all, you can wear them together or separately to really expand the utility!

Seraphine Reversible Maternity and Babywearing Puffer Coat



No other option on our list has as much versatility as this stunner from Seraphine. Not only is the down puffer perfectly equipped to keep you and your tummy/baby toasty with the zip-in extender, it’s also reversible. With a gorg houndstooth on one side and a traditional navy on the other, it’s basically two coats in one.

Maternity coat extenders

MakeMyBellyFit Universal Jacket Extender



If you prefer to continue wearing the coats you already have in your closet, the Universal Jacket Extender from MakeMyBellyFit helps you comfortably do that. The adapter allows it to zip over almost any jacket for both pregnancy and babywearing. It’s also designed with a removable fleece layer so you can use it in different temps.

Bridge the Bump Coat Extension

Bridge the Bump


With their high-quality construction and customizable fit, Bridge the Bump Coat Extensions are a worthwhile investment if you live in a cold climate. Attach it to any coat via their adapters and easily swap between partners when sharing baby-wearing responsibilities. It is available in different colors and longer lengths as well.

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