Four Birth Stories and a Secondary Fertility Rollercoaster

Jada had uneventful deliveries with her first two sons in addition to suffering from hyperemesis throughout those pregnancies. She had a surprise third pregnancy that ended in a missed miscarriage. Soon after, she had another surprise pregnancy that resulted in her third son. Jada and her husband thought they were done having children, but soon realized that their family was not quite complete.

The path to four children was not easy. Despite being able to get pregnant easily, Jada suffered 3 miscarriages in a row. After going through a bout of second infertility, they finally got pregnant with their fourth boy. At this point, she was considered advanced maternal age and was later diagnosed with gestational diabetes for the first time, all of which required further monitoring. She later gave birth to a 9lb, 3 oz boy to complete their family.

Jada Walker’s bio

Jada Walker is Brandon’s wife, and mother to 4 boys ages 15, 6, 4 and 5 months. He is a lawyer in the greater part of Seattle. Her instagram handle is JaLeCa.


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