I’m Not Sending My 3-Year-Old to Preschool…Yet. Here’s Why

As a stay-at-home mom of two little ones, I’m often asked when I plan to send my oldest to preschool. The truth is, I don’t know when — or if — I’ll send him. Do not mind me. As a former teacher, I firmly believe that there are many benefits to enrolling children in a preschool program. As a full-time mom, I also know what’s best for my daughter. For now— at least for now — it is with me.

At only almost 3 years old, my daughter sees the world open to many new possibilities. He suddenly qualified for summer day camps, parents’ nights at our local kids’ gym, and all kinds of drop-off programs. Because of this, preschool can seem like a given for many mothers of preschool-aged children. But we’re not there yet. And that’s fine. Let me explain why.

Why I’m Still Home With My 3-Year-Old

Here’s why I haven’t sent my 3-year-old daughter to preschool yet:

It Works for Our Family

Best of all, my 3 year old is still at home with me because it works for us. Logistically speaking, preschool is pricey. Since I am home pouring over my kids and family full time, preschool is not a necessity for us. Not to mention, my daughter has unique dietary needs that require careful attention throughout the day. Being the one to care for (and feed) him gives us all peace of mind. Plus, we can put the money not spent on a 3s classroom program toward other activities that fill my daughter’s cup. Having two of my children at home with me now just makes sense for our family. It’s a win-win.

I Get To Curate Everyday Experiences For My Daughter

By being at home instead of in a preschool classroom, my 3-year-old gets to join his little brother and me for days full of adventure and memory-making. On any given weekday morning, you might find us at the science museum, play cafe, zoo, or park — among many other favorite spots. We also keep busy with ballet classes, story time at the library, and regular playdates. I love curating everyday experiences for my kids, and I take full advantage of the ability to do this while I can.

My Daughter Is Still Developing Socially

People often say that preschool is critical for socialization. While that may be the case for some children and families, I am here to say that my daughter is not socially disadvantaged by staying home with me longer. If anything, he is exposed every day to a wonderful variety of people of all ages (and in many different settings).

Besides our typical kid-centric adventures, we do regular, old, everyday life together. Whether that consists of shopping at the grocery store, FaceTiming with the grandparents, or tagging along for another family member’s doctor’s appointment, my preschooler has no shortage of interaction with others. He also manages to develop a special bond with his brother every day. He thrived in society!

He Learns, Plays, and Grows

I am a firm believer that play is child’s work. And even if not? I am an educator by trade and find great joy in preparing learning activities for my children. My preschooler being at home with me doesn’t mean he sits around watching cartoons all day (although I’m not opposed to using a little screen time as a tool for all of our sanity sometimes). He is still learning, playing, and growing every day. By keeping my 3 year old home with me, I make sure he learns in the way that works best for him.

The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short — I Want To Savor Every Moment With My Children

Staying home with my two little people — including my 3-year-old, who is still my son — allows me the precious opportunity to soak up every fleeting moment with them while they’re little. . While I sometimes wonder if I’m doing the right thing, my heart always reminds me that, yes, I am. . . at least for now. We are constantly busy doing the important work of childhood, but we also provide space for rest and relaxation when needed. And the option to do so — freely and unapologetically — is something I don’t take for granted.

Partial side view of a 3-year-old daughter smiling at the camera as her 26-year-old mother holds her and expresses love and affection.

My 3-Year-Old Will Never Be 3

Choosing when to send a kiddo to preschool can be a very personal decision. For some, there is no other choice. For others, it’s not an option. And for me? It’s just the best-case scenario for my family — at least for now.

My 3-year-old won’t be like this forever. He won’t last long either. So, right now, I send my 3 year old to preschool. And that’s fine. Because you know what? We are perfectly content to continue spending our days together. And I’m stuck these days.

At least for now.

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