March is Surrogacy Awareness Month

Every year, March is recognized as Surrogacy Awareness Month. It is designed to thank those who have been successors or otherwise involved in the process. It is also a way to raise awareness about what surrogacy is, how it works, and the value it can bring to the lives of individuals and couples who may not be able to have children of their own.

Basically, surrogacy is when a woman carries a child for someone else. That can be a single person or a couple, and IVF is used to create a pregnancy. There is a legal contract between the surrogate and the intended parent(s), and this is required before a fertility center can proceed with IVF treatment. Women who cannot safely carry a pregnancy to term, single gay men or gay couples, and others who are unable or unwilling to carry and have children can benefit from surrogacy.

There are several ways to create a surrogate pregnancy. Some couples, for example, will go through the process of creating embryos from their sperm and eggs, and then use IVF to implant them into a surrogate, sometimes called a gestational surrogate or gestational carrier. Before IVF, pregnancy was created by inseminating sperm into the uterus of a surrogate, referred to as a genetic surrogate. For an individual who wants to use a surrogate or a couple who does not want to use their own genetic material, donor sperm or donor eggs (or both) can be used.

Most people who can use their own genetic material want to do so, but if there is a strong genetic health risk they may choose a donor option instead. Surrogacy can be an expensive option regardless of where the embryo comes from, and can cost up to $150,000. There are legal and administrative fees, incl compensation for surrogate. Additionally, screenings, procedures, and the actual prenatal and delivery care can be expensive.

The cost of surrogacy is important for individuals and couples who want to have children and need reproductive assistance to do so. In March, we take time to honor the surrogates who help create and expand families, the medical professionals who help make it possible, and everyone involved in the process!

Our thorough surrogacy contracts establish the parties’ intent regarding parental rights, define the parties’ financial responsibilities, and ensure that all parties are aware of the importance of informed consent, providing our clients additional peace of mind as they navigate their surrogacy journeys. We aim to give our clients a straightforward breakdown of what can seem like a complicated and scary process so they can enjoy the wonderful experience of bringing a child into the world through surrogacy. Contact us today at Get started!

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