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Natural Treatment of Menstrual Migraines

According to a Lancet review paper, menstrual migraines are worse than migraines at other times of the cycle.

Possible causes of menstrual migraines include estrogen withdrawal at the end of the cycle, along with estrogen-dependent release of prostaglandins and histamine. Same body Progesterone may help protect the brain from estrogen withdrawal and reduce the frequency and intensity of menstrual migraines.

How hormones affect migraines

Menstrual migraines are more common with high, fluctuating estrogen and relatively low progesterone, such as during perimenopause. That’s why menstrual migraines are more common between the ages of 40 and 55.

High, volatile estrogen promotes migraines by 1) stimulating immune cells to produce more prostaglandins and histamine and 2) leading to steep estrogen withdrawal, which disrupts the neurotransmitters serotonin. and glutamate.

👉 Tip: New research suggests that migraines may be caused by “plumes” of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate move in waves through the brain.

By reducing glutamate and calming the brain, progesterone may help to prevent menstrual migraines.

natural migraine treatment

Research has it too high levels of the hormone prolactin have been linked to migraines. See my blog post about lowering prolactin.

Natural treatment of menstrual migraines

Hormonal birth control can make migraines worse

All types of hormonal birth control can make migraines worse, and for migraine-prone women, estrogen pills carry an increased risk of stroke.

👉 Tip: If you get severe throbbing headaches with a hormonal IUD, check with your doctor because this may be a rare condition called intracranial hypertension.

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