Parents Share the Funniest Songs That Instantly Soothe Their Newborns

From the moment you’re pregnant, you’re constantly experimenting with everything from pregnancy pillows to body lotions to find comfort as your body changes. At the end of her third trimester, a mother named Melissa Buckley turned to music to try to coax her baby into a better birthing position. His song of choice? The aptly titled “Get Low” by Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz, featuring the Ying Yang Twins.

Posting under the handle melissak1996 on Instagram, the new mom asked, “Anyone else’s babies get blown away by a random song?” She explained to her 19,000 followers that she used to play the hip-hop track all the time in her third trimester “to try to get Jackson’s head down and communicate.”

While Melissa laughs about the fact that her musical approach didn’t work, it’s a different story now that Jackson is no longer in the world. In a video shared on April 17, Melissa begins to hold her baby while he cries. He told Alexa to play “Get Low.” And like magic, the 8-week-old stifled his grunts and looked super-curious before settling into his mama’s chest.

Melissa also shared the clip on TikTok, writing, “POV: Your baby has great taste in music.” She noted in the caption, “It gets him every time. He’s fast asleep by the end of the song haha!”

@melissak096 It gets him every time ?? he was fast asleep after the song ended haha! #being a mother #csectionmom #angelbabymom #newborn #postpartumlife #rainbowbabyafterloss #postpartumjourney #postpartum #rainbowbaby #baby boy #newbornbabies #csection #rainbowbabymom #7weeksold ? original sound – Melissa | ?NavigatingMumLife?

Between the two social media platforms, the new mom’s video has garnered more than 26 million views and thousands of comments, many of which are from fellow parents discussing the songs that soothe their babies. son

  • “My daughter loves Harry Styles for some reason. So last year I ended up in the top 5% of Spotify listeners for her,” wrote TikToker @mollybinfiel.
  • “My youngest will be silent during Idina Menzel’s ‘Defying Gravity’!” commented @AnotherOlderMillennial on TikTok.
  • “‘Old Town Road’ [by Lil Nas X] works every time. The son is 10 months old. I didn’t listen to it during my pregnancy, but he was screaming in the car at 4 months, and it came on shuffle, and it put him to sleep. We play it on loop if he gets fussy in the car which is a great trick, but I sure got tired of the song,” wrote @vickimeow on Instagram.
  • “My oldest would drop EVERYTHING for The office theme song. Every time!” declared @lauradd17 on Instagram.
  • “The theme song is mine Law and Order SVU. Got both my babies on that one,” @yvonnasnooks wrote on Instagram.

Parents in the What to Expect’s community have also noticed their babies responding to the funniest music choices. They share the songs their kids love as inspiration for other overwhelmed new parents.

  • “When my baby gets fussy, I play ‘The Happy Song’ by Imogen Heap. I don’t know what the magic is about the song, but it calms him down instantly.”
  • “My [little one] loves ‘Wheels on the Bus.’ He could be screaming bloody murder, and I started singing it, he immediately calmed down.”
  • “We accidentally stumbled upon ‘Peace Train’ by Cat Stevens as the song to calm our little guy down. He’s been battling poor sleep for the past few weeks and it helps us wind him down.”
  • “I sing my son a version of ‘Party in the USA’ [by Miley Cyrus] that I made up my own lyrics in a delirious, sleep-deprived attempt to get him to stop crying, and he seemed to like it. Now I have to sing it to him every time I put him to sleep.”

The fact that babies like music, especially songs or melodies played during pregnancy, is not surprising in science, because researchers have discovered that newborns react differently to words and sounds that was repeated every day throughout the third trimester compared to sounds they did not hear during pregnancy. .

So whether you’re a fan of ’80s pop, country or early ’00s hip-hop, you might want to make sure that the songs you play on repeat during the tail end of your pregnancy also happen to be tracks you won’t mind to rely on soothing your little one in the newborn stage.

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