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After having my first child almost seven years ago, I was convinced that a part of my brain had just shut down, and it hadn’t rebooted. In my child-free days, I was always on time, my car and home were generally clean, and I rarely left clothes in the washing machine overnight. Shoot, pre-baby me was so organized that all my food storage containers had lids! Now that I’m a mom, paying the water bill before sending me a “second notice” feels like a win.

Most parents can probably relate to this because when young children enter the picture, they will suddenly be asked to monitor. too much. Dress and shoe sizes, doctor appointments, school supply lists, daycare tuition payments, developmental milestones, extracurricular sign-up dates, feeding schedules and packed lunches, teacher appreciation gifts, and car seat protocol—and that’s not even including any of your appointments and deadlines. It’s a lot, and no amount of coffee will wake your brain up enough to keep track of it all.

That’s why we need systems and great products to help us stay organized, whether it’s for our homes or our schedules (or, let’s be honest, both). There’s no shortage of organizational products out there, so filtering through them all to find one or two that work for you can feel like just another item on your never-ending to-do list. As moms, we get it, which is why we chose “organization” as our theme for July’s editors’ picks. These products offer organizational functionality without sacrificing style and are designed to simplify your life.

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