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The Best Unicorn Party Ideas

unicorn lantern party decor

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Let’s throw a unicorn party! Below are many popular unicorn party ideas that your guests will love!

From favors, balloons and party supplies like plates, cupcake wrappers and picks, cute rainbow paper cups – you’ll find it all!

Best of all, you can create a unicorn-themed party for both a birthday party and a baby shower!

Magical Ideas For A Unicorn Birthday Party Or Baby Shower

Land Of Nod Unicorn Balloon Kit Banner
Land Of Nod Cupcakes
Land Of Nod rainbow paper cups picture
Land Of Nod rainbow unicorn birthday party ideas picture
Land Of Nod rainbow wands banner
Land Of Nod I Believe In Unicorns Banner Picture

All of the unicorn party goodies above can found here!

Everyone is jumping on the whole unicorn party train right now because of all the cuteness that goes into a unicorn party!

Fancy rainbow, glitter and delicious, swirly treats! You can even deliver unicorn poop – which is still pretty cool! (see below.)

Also below are close-ups of all the fun unicorn supplies you see in this photo.

Paper cups, plates, the cutest balloon ever, a whimsical unicorn banner, magical wands and unicorn cupcake supplies!

How to Make Homemade Rainbow Unicorn Bark

famous unicorn bark banner

image source

What You’ll Need:

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave, using a medium bowl. Cook in 30 second intervals – stirring between each interval – until the chocolate is completely melted.
Once the chocolate has melted, pour onto a foil-lined cookie sheet sprayed with no-stick cooking spray.

Using a toothpick, add small amounts of each color of food coloring to the skin and swirl it around with a fork.

Add the sprinkles on top. Allow to dry and then cut into pieces.

So fun and happy! All your party guests will love them!


Unicorn Cookie Cutter

picture of unicorn cookie cutters

Make a delicious batch of sugar cookies (if you’re short on time, you can with ready-made sugar cookie dough) roll out the dough, cut the dough with a unicorn cookie cutter setchill and serve!

If you’re looking for an awesome sugar cookie recipe, get my best sugar cookie recipe ever – check it out here.

You can also use these cute cookie cutters to cut watermelon and sandwiches into unicorn and rainbow shapes.

Another idea is to bundle them in a cute bag, add a popular sugar cookie recipe and give out as prizes for party games or baby shower games!

Unicorn cookie cutter

image source

Here’s another option for a cute unicorn cookie cutter! So sweet – bundle up as favors or serve on a platter at a party. They certainly won’t last long!

Easy Rainbow Cupcakes

colorful rainbow cupcake banner

image source

  • It’s easy to create a colorful rainbow masterpiece by baking 48 cupcakes
  • Color the frosting with quality food coloring: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
  • Using rose tip for frosting, frost in rainbow colors
  • Put it in a rainbow shape!

Video: How to Make Unicorn Poop Cookies

Rainbow Fruit Platter

Rainbow fruit platter with whipped cream

Prepare a delicious fruit platter in the shape of a colorful rainbow! Some alternative fruits to use are: blueberries for the color blue – kiwi for green and cherries for red.

For the whipped cream clouds – using fresh, homemade whipped cream is delicious! If you’re short on time, you can use canned whipped cream or Cool Whip.

  • All you have to do is pour a container of whipping cream into a mixing bowl
  • add powered sugar (start with a small amount and add little by little until you like the sweetness)
  • add a splash of vanilla
  • Beat with a mixer until it is the consistency of whipped cream.

Nothing beats fresh whipped cream! I always make extra and add it to my morning coffee. Very good!

DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jars

Photo of DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar

image source

For centerpieces, make some of these adorable DIY glitter mason jars.

Unicorn Droppings Snack Ideas

unicorn party favors

image source

This unicorn party snack idea will be a hit at a girl’s unicorn birthday party! You can even do this for a baby shower if you want the guests to laugh!

You will need:

  • A tall, glass cylinder
  • Jelly Bellies or any type of jelly beans
  • A candy scooper so guests can easily grab the jelly beans without having to put their hands on them
  • Cute favor bags (if using for party favors)

Unicorn Party Favor Ideas: Mint and Pink Unicorn Favor Jars

Unicorn topper in a baby food or mason jar

image source

Another creative unicorn favor idea is to fill baby food jars or mason jars with bubble gum, jelly beans, sweet tarts or and pastel, rainbow-colored candy.

These unicorn candy jars are adorable and really easy to make.

  • you will need small mason jars or empty baby food jars
  • small, plastic unicorn figurines
  • pastel colors spray paint
  • spray paint the cap and the unicorn figurine
  • let it dry
  • glue the unicorn figurine to the lid with the E6000 Craft Adhesive (or any strong, waterproof glue stick)
  • fill the jars with pastel candy
  • screw on the lid – add a favor tag and you’re done!

Unicorn Horn Lollipop Party Favors

picture of unicorn lollipops for unicorn party favors

For the perfect unicorn party favor, hand out some adorable ones unicorn horn lollipops!

You can also wrap them in a cute cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon and a favor tag.

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