Don’t Judge a Parent By Their Stroller Choice

With so many incredible stroller options, it’s no wonder many parents feel they must have the latest and greatest. But when did strollers become a status symbol? Why do we judge a parent on their choice of stroller?

I will not lie; I have a stroller or two more than I probably need in my garage. My family’s transportation needs vary by day and occasion, and I can never have enough options for an outing. However, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a stroller. And no parent should be judged for them.

Why Do People Care About Strollers?

Aside from the countless strollers in stores and online for families to choose from, it’s safe to say that modern technology plays a large part in the weight parents place on the strollers they have. Or that they (or other parents) think should have.

When new or expecting moms are constantly bombarded with social media influencers showing off their little babe’s shiny new ride, luxury strollers are becoming the norm for the everyday family. Furthermore, while online communities can be game-changers for new parents, conversations within Facebook mom group threads and the like tend to focus on what “ everyone buys.” Ultimately, it makes mothers believe that they must follow trends to fit in. Despite the decades-old stroller brands that have proven their long-standing quality.

Stroller Judgment is Real

I remember a conversation I had a few months ago with a friend who was a first time, then expectant mother. She wanted my opinion on whether she was making a solid decision in her choice of stroller. that is Graco Modes, to be exact, that he was proud that his sister-in-law had graciously offered to gift him as a hand-me-down, looked comfortable, and thoroughly pushed. She expressed concern about receiving the stroller, as several women in the childbirth preparation class insisted she needed one. UPPAbaby Vista and a Wonderfold wagon. The four seats for space and the added appeal, of course. Despite having a single baby on the way, there are no plans for more in the future. “Oh,” exclaimed my friend in the words of a mother, “she will regret it.”

Although I had heard amazing things about all three products, I encouraged my friend to save the money, accept her sister-in-law’s generosity, cut out the noise, and go with her gut. I recently met my new postpartum pal for a walk in the park with our kids; she informed me of a recent run-in with one of her former maternity prep classmates at the grocery store. She didn’t find the interaction pleasant, with the subject being my new postpartum mom friend’s budget-friendly, hand-me-down stroller (or lack of a high-end counterpart, rather).

I mean, come on. Is this what new parents need to hear? Do better, people. Please do better. Who wouldn’t say yes to a once-loved trip for their littles? Parenting is expensive enough, so it was a no-brainer for me.

Stroller Considerations Are The Same

On another occasion, I visited a friend of my mother’s who told me about her mother-in-law’s snide comment about her recently extended family. There purchase. This friend was shamed by her MIL for “spending a good portion of a month’s mortgage” on the hybrid, all-in-one stroller-car seat combo. Despite the touted convenience factor of this stroller – especially for a traveling family that needs something versatile, space-saving and portable – my friend was mocked for choosing a product that “nobody needed way back when.”

Again, does a new mom have to be knocked down for her investment choices for her family? I do not think so. It’s just a stroller, after all. And it’s not even yours, for that matter.

When it comes to strollers, parents have many choices: luxury, budget, new and futuristic, gently used, and well-loved. What works for one family may not work for another — and vice versa. There is no universal “best” stroller choice, but there are many great options. Whether you’re a parent of young children, a veteran parent, or anyone observing stroller-owning families everywhere, please don’t judge a parent by their choice of transportation for their babies. We have enough (and more important) things to worry about, and the type of stroller we have or don’t have is not one of them.

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