Three Hospital Births and Two Home Birth Stories

Michelle Coles is a mother of 5 boys between the ages of 10 and 7 weeks, no twins included. Every birth is a unique experience. All births are vaginal. Her first three were born in hospitals and her last two were born at home with midwives. She was in labor for about 20 hours with her first child and only an hour and a half with her last child. She received an epidural for her two oldest babies, weighing 9 and 10 lbs, and the others were given no medication. As a result of these different experiences, she has learned a lot about childbirth and is happy to share what she has learned with others.

Bio of Michelle Coles

Michelle Coles is an award-winning young adult novelist, civil rights attorney, and public speaker. Her goal in writing is to empower young people by teaching them about history and giving them the tools to shape their destiny. His debut novel, Black Was the Ink, a young adult historical fiction about the Reconstruction Era, was published in 2021. Black Was the Ink received numerous awards including the 2022 Grateful American Book Prize, a 2022 Skipping Stone Award, a 2023 In the Margins Award, and the 2019 New Visions Award Honor.

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