What are gift ideas for my surrogate?

Many Intended Parents ask our team about recommended gifts for their surrogate during the process. Although there is NO obligation, we compiled a list of ideas and even asked some of the current surrogates about any gifts they may have received.

It is heartwarming to see your consideration and care for your gestational surrogate on this journey. Finding the perfect gift to show appreciation and support will really strengthen your relationship and convey your gratitude.

Here’s a breakdown of gift ideas categorized for different stages and occasions:

Comfort and Pamper:

  1. Pregnancy Massage: A relaxing way to relieve any discomfort.
  2. Pedicure or Spa Treatments: A pampering session she can appreciate.
  3. Books or Magazines: Good entertainment for leisure.
  4. Lotions, Candles, or Scented Items: Make sure they are hypoallergenic or unscented.
  5. Gift Cards for Books or Movies: A thoughtful gesture for her entertainment.
  6. Comfortable Pajamas: An oversized tee or comfortable pajamas.
  7. Soft Pashmina or Scarf: A cozy addition to her wardrobe.
  8. Journal of Pregnancy: A way for him to document his experiences.

Moving Day Gifts:

  1. Cards or Postcards: Simple but thoughtful.
  2. Flowers or Fruit Baskets: A sweet gesture for special days.
  3. Gift Card to Favorite Restaurant: Treat her to a meal out.

Postpartum Gratitude:

  1. Baby Birthstone Jewelry: A meaningful keepsake.
  2. Handmade or Custom Items: Personalized gifts from Etsy.
  3. Gift Cards to Non-Maternity Stores: Let her treat herself.
  4. Designer Handbag or Special Treat: Something she wouldn’t buy for herself.
  5. Weekend Away: A chance for her to relax and reconnect.
  6. Sentimental Items: Jewelry or art related to surrogacy.
  7. Handmade Items: Personalized gifts for a special touch

Holidays or Special Hours:

  1. Photos: Share progress in the nursery or your life.
  2. Pregnancy Photoshoot: Capture the beautiful memories.
  3. Pregnancy Massage or Spa Treatments: To recognize her efforts.
  4. Healthy Snack Basket: A thoughtful surprise for her.
  5. Cleaning Service: Help for her family responsibilities.
  6. Gifts for Surrogate Children: To acknowledge their support.
  7. Framed Picture or Journal of Pregnancy: Keeping IPs involved and updated.

We asked our current GCs about the gifts they received; this is what they said.

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