Viral Video Speaks to The Power of a Postpartum Village

Postpartum hormone changes, recovery after birth and little to no sleep can make the first few weeks after bringing baby home a mix of magical and ridiculous. In these tough times, having a village to help and support you can be a game changer.

A mother recently went viral after sharing a heartfelt video documenting the small ways her community showed up to help her in the days after she brought her baby home. Using footage from the Ring video camera on her balcony, Amanda Wells o @honeyathome on TikTok put together a beautiful video with the caption “Watch my village come out after bringing home my newborn.” written above. In the caption, she added, “I can’t thank them enough for being together and helping us adjust to our new lives as parents … and for all the food.”

In the 24-second video, Wells’ support system comes and goes, bringing food, balloons, soda, supplies and even at one point, shoveling snow from his sidewalk. It quickly proves that while each individual may seem small, together they weave a heartfelt story of support.

Starting to post the video on TikTok, Wells’ video has garnered more than 15 million views. Users from around the world have chimed in with their support in the comments. “God bless that whole freaking village,” wrote one user. “The village is indeed one of the most important needs for the sleep of parents’ society. So glad you have it! And may it continue PAST INFANCY!” one more.

Others added their wish for their own village to be just as supportive. “It made me cry. What would I do to have this support.,” one user wrote. Another added, “Can I get an Amazon village?”

Whether you’re expecting a village, big or small, to spring up after you welcome your child, this video reminds us that caring and being there for others is always needed and appreciated more than you know.

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