Why You Should Take the Trip With Your Kids (Even if They Won’t Remember It)

“Take a trip,” they said. “Life is short.” However, the decision to go on vacation with a child too young to care about road trips isn’t always black and white. Traveling with an infant or toddler requires a lot of preparation, dedication, and, often, extra patience. That’s not to say it’s not worth it.

If you’re a first-time parent — or even a seasoned but never-traveled-as-a-family mom or dad of little ones — you might question how logical it is to take a vacation while your little ones are, well, small . I’m here to hug you and give you the nudge you need to convince yourself that you are must travel . . even if they don’t remember it. After all, life is short. Right?!

6 Reasons to Say “Yes” to Vacations With Little Ones

Although saying “yes” to vacationing with a baby or toddler may scare you at first, I can almost guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Here are some of the best reasons to pack your bags — and baby gear — for your next big adventure with your little sidekick:

1. Vacations Are Great for Family Bonding

Whether you’re going somewhere you loved before parenthood or going to an entirely new destination, traveling as a family is a great opportunity for bonding. Getting out of the daily grind and hitting pause from life’s little distractions allows everyone on the crew to focus on each other.

2. You Will Grow in Your Confidence as a Parent

Vacationing with a little traveler forces you to do things differently than you had to before kids. From navigating airports and surviving flights to coordinating sleepovers in new settings and setting up children’s activities and meals away from home, the arrangements are endless. . Even for seasoned globetrotters. That said, you’ll feel like a rockstar after you’ve successfully completed your first vacation with your baby. Better? Your confidence as a parent will continue to grow with every kid-inclusive getaway thereafter.

3. Everything is cheaper when they are young

Logically speaking, going on a family vacation while your kids are young can be surprisingly affordable. Many family attractions (such as museums, aquariums, zoos, and even amusement parks) offer free admission for babies and toddlers. If you’re flying, you can take advantage of lap sitting for children under 2 at no extra cost — as well as additional checked baggage allotments for baby gear. Plus, you can plan your vacation to be as low-key as you want with babies and toddlers. They are easy to please. And they won’t feel like they’re missing out if you take a no-go, tourist-hotspot-free route on your next trip!

4. Parents Deserve Vacations Too

Parenting is a tough job. The hardest, if you ask me. The fact that it is not included in the written benefits package does not mean that the time off the daily should not be written. As mothers and fathers, we absolutely deserve to walk away! While some may joke that a vacation with kids isn’t really a vacation, I’d say it still is. Especially if it involves sunshine, sand, and — at the very least — a temporary escape from reality to remind you that relaxation is within reach.

5. They’ll Have the Time of Their Lives

If you’re going on vacation with your little one(s) and you feel like you’re just chasing after them the whole time, know this: they’re probably having the time of their young lives. This, in my book, is reason enough to bring them. And while they won’t remember it down the road, who said they have to? Life is meant to be enjoyed in the moment.

6. You’ll Remember – And Cherish – Your Trip Forever

Feet of baby walking on sand beach in summer.  Close up.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve made some of my favorite memories while on vacation with my little family. And I will cherish these memories forever. The first time my daughter sticks her tiny, 4-month-old toes in the sweet, soft sand of the Florida Gulf? Magical. When he splashed in the turquoise waves, and we discovered what a water baby he was? Even more. I will never forget nursing my son and cuddling him for his afternoon nap under the breeze of the palm trees that covered our private cabana. Try not to worry if your child remembers their first vacation. If you you’ll remember it, you’re golden (and you are, trust me).

Book Flights, Travel and Make Memories

When all is said and done, your children will be few and far between in the short term. If you’re on the fence about traveling with your baby or toddler, you have nothing to lose by saying “yes” to travel. At least, you will have experience for the books. And you will hold on to the memories forever.

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