1 in 6 People Globally Affected By Infertility

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in six people worldwide is affected by infertility issues. In other words, it is a common condition and the cases keep increasing. Although there are treatments for this in many cases, not everyone feels comfortable talking to their doctor. Especially in men, the stigma around infertility may prevent them from reaching doctors and seeking the treatment they need.

Lack of insurance and affordability can also prevent people from seeking infertility treatment. In the United States many insurance policies cover these treatments, but that is not the case for all insurance companies in the US, or in other countries.

The WHO reportt indicates that infertility rates are similar across regions and countries, showing a global lifetime prevalence of 17.5%. Income and other classification factors have little effect on infertility rates. Where the difference comes from is how people handle the struggles and the options they have available to them.

Inequality of care is a factor, and people in lower-income countries tend to spend a greater proportion of their income on IVF. They may only be able to afford one cycle, which may not be successful. One of the issues not addressed by the WHO report is whether infertility rates are changing, or whether they have remained the same over the years.

Although the WHO has made public statements in the past about overpopulation, the organization realizes that this is a separate issue from people who want to have families and cannot do so. For this reason, shedding light on infertility issues is very important for anyone who wants to start a family and needs help and support, as well as good and accurate information.

Inaccessible and underfunded are among the words the WHO report uses to talk about infertility care around the world. By bringing up the issue, however, the hope is that more people will find the care they need. Because this is a global problem, large-scale solutions will be needed to reduce its impact, and understanding its importance is the first step.

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