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10 Baby Shower Games That Won’t Make You Cringe

Baby shower games often walk a fine line between being incredibly fun and excruciatingly cringe-worthy. The success of these games may depend on the comfort level of the guests, the personalities of the expectant parents, and whether the game will be an enjoyable experience or one that is best forgotten.

If you’re looking for baby shower activities that are meaningful and won’t make anyone blush with embarrassment, you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of non-cringey baby shower games are the perfect way to elevate your celebration, avoiding anything overly embarrassing, childish or related to baby poo.

DIY Baby Time Capsule

  • What you will need: Place a time capsule, paper and pen, sealing materials (tape or wax), and decorative items (such as stickers, markers, etc.).
  • How to play: Invite your guests to decorate the capsule and write personal messages or wishes for your baby. They can also bring small mementos to include in the capsule. Once all the items are collected, seal the capsule and choose a date for opening it.

Baby Bucket List

  • What you will need: A bucket list printable and pens or pencils.
  • How to play: Ask guests to create a bucket list of memorable activities for baby’s first year. From “baby’s first trip to the beach” to “eating ice cream for the first time,” encourage a mix of sweet and fun suggestions for parents to try.

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Build Your Bathroom

What is your advice?

  • What you will need: A keepsake book, pen or pencil, and decorative items (such as markers, stickers, etc.).
  • How to play: Invite guests to offer their wisdom, heartfelt wishes, and witty advice for navigating parenthood in a keepsake book. If you’re looking for baby shower games that aren’t lame, this is a great game, making something that parents-to-be will treasure for years to come.

Guess the Celebrity Baby

  • What you will need: Photos of celebrity babies, list of corresponding celebrity baby names, pen and paper for guests, and prizes for winners (optional).
  • How to play: Set up a slideshow or show photos of celebrity babies with a mix of familiar and challenging babies. Guests write their predictions for each baby’s name. The guest(s) with the most correct guesses will win a fun prize!

Predict Due Date

  • What you will need: A calendar (poster or digital), prediction cards or a digital submission form, and prizes for winners (optional).
  • How to play: Set up a calendar so guests can predict the baby’s due date and weight. They write their names on prediction cards and place them in a box or submit their predictions digitally. Once the baby arrives, check the predictions against the actual details. The closest guess gets a prize (and bragging rights).

Play-Doh Baby!

  • What you will need: Play-doh in different colors, table covers, disposable plates or trays, tools for Play-doh (plastic knives, rolling pins, etc.), and prizes for the winners (optional).
  • How to play: Encourage guests to get creative by molding their own Play-Doh babies. The more imaginative and hilarious, the better! Once everyone has finished their masterpiece, vote or nominate parents-to-be to decide the winners.

Baby Bingo With a Twist

  • What you will need: Baby bingo cards and 15 to 20 markers for each guest.
  • How to play: As the mom-to-be opens her gifts, guests see their baby bingo cards. Each card has pictures or names of common baby shower gifts like blankets, bibs, and books. Whoever gets “Bingo” first wins!

The price is right

  • What you will need: Pictures of baby-related items, list of actual prices, paper and pencils for guests, and prizes for winners (optional).
  • How to play: This fun version of The Price is Right is similar to the popular TV show, but with a baby-related twist. Visitors should try to guess the price of specific baby items, such as bottles and strollers. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins.

Onesie Decorating Station

  • What you will need: Plain onesies in various sizes, fabric markers or fabric paint, stencils or stamps, and cardboard inserts.
  • How to play: Guests choose a onesie and use markers or fabric paint to design their masterpiece, lining the inside with cardboard to prevent bleeding. If you’re looking for practical baby shower games that aren’t boring, this activity is great, giving parents something they’ll actually use.

Don’t Tell Baby!

  • What you will need: Safety pins or clothespins and prizes for winners (optional).
  • How to play: The game Don’t Say “Baby” is quite simple. Give your guests clothespins at the start of the shower and teach them not to say the “B” word (baby, that is). If they do, others may steal their pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end is the champion.

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