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11th Birthday Party Ideas That Are Easy (and that kids love!)

Do you have a child turning 11 and looking for ideas on how to celebrate? If so, you’ve come to the right place! There are so many ways to do this, each idea is as unique as each child. Consider their interests, friend groups and what they enjoy and go from there when planning. Keep reading for our top 11th birthday party ideas that are both easy, and stress-free!

11th Birthday Party Ideas

At this age your child is in their mid-tween years. They develop problem-solving and organizational skills and begin to think ahead instead of in the moment. With these new skills, there are many things you can do that they will enjoy.

Escape Room

If your child likes the idea of ​​an escape room for his birthday but doesn’t want to go to one, consider ordering an at home kit. The Lost Mummy Egypt Adventure The escape room kit is perfect for participants ages 10 and up and for groups of two or more. This kit can easily transform your living room into ancient Egypt. All you have to do is print out the step-by-step instructions and clue cards and place them around your home. The game will be ready as soon as the adventurers arrive. They all have fun while working together!

Harry Potter Party

If your child loves the Harry Potter books or movies, consider throwing them a Harry Potter themed birthday party! First, decorate your house with “floating” candles and any other decorations that remind you of Hogwarts. Second, make your own sorting hat and place guests into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw houses. Third, give everyone their own wand and see which house can have the coolest magical spell!

Floor is a Lava Party

A popular game that children have played for years is pretending the floor is lava. The concept is simple, don’t touch the ground! If your child likes a physical challenge and creating their own obstacle courses, this is probably the theme for them. You can choose to host it indoors, outdoors or both and let guests take turns moving the obstacles around. This game can be played individually or as teams. See who is the fastest. If you need inspiration, check out the new one The floor is a Lava show on Netflix!

Paint Party

For a more artistic and calm party theme, how about a paint party? Turn your dining room into an art studio by setting up a canvas for everyone with their own brushes and paints. Decide on a theme that will inspire everyone to paint or choose a birthday boy or girl video on YouTube to follow. All in all, it will be awesome to see what everyone comes up with! Their new painting also makes a great party favor.

Video Game Party

Another one of our 11th Birthday party ideas include having a video game party. This theme is perfect for any young gamers out there. Take inspiration from their favorite game to decorate your home and what snacks to offer like this Minecraft Party. Maybe your child just wants to play video games and eat cake with their friends. You can even organize a virtual party so they can play with their friends online. Regardless of the route, it will be a fun way to celebrate the big 1-1!

Party Games

A birthday party themed party game in short, would be awesome! It not only entertains the children, but also everyone. Party games like hide and seek, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, Twister and charades are all classic but still great fun. Adjust the games difficulty if needed and let the kids have some old school fun! At this age, they can even put their own creative twist on these games.

Skating Party

12th birthday party ideas for kids

A skating party is a great choice for skating lovers. If you have access to an outdoor rink in the colder months, ice skating will be a blast! Ask guests to bundle up and serve hot chocolate. In addition, a friendly game of hockey can be arranged. If ice skating is not of interest or an option, then consider roller skating. Roller rinks are becoming popular again. Host the party at one and watch the kids boogie to the tunes as they roll around the rink!

Baking Bash

At this age, your child may have started showing interest in cooking. If that’s the case, think about hosting a baking party! Find a space to accommodate your child and their friends in the bakery. This can be at home or in a professional kitchen. If you choose to make cupcakes, perhaps divide the group into pairs and let them make different flavors. Once they’re done mixing and pouring into the molds, play some games or make a craft until the oven timer goes off. Once cool, let them have fun decorating the cupcakes with sprinkles, colored icing and other fun details. The birthday boy or girl will have their cake and eat it too!

Amusement park

If you live near an amusement park of some sort, why not celebrate your 11 year old with a day there? Bring some friends and they can spend the day riding the rides and watching the shows or performers. Don’t forget to also enjoy fun amusement park foods like ice cream and funnel cake. This will definitely be an amazing way to celebrate their birthday!

11th Birthday Party Ideas Conclusion

In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with any of the above 11th birthday party ideas! You can have a party at home or go somewhere. In addition, your child may choose to have only his bestie or a few friends. You can also choose to celebrate inside or outside. There are so many ways to have fun and make memories! If you’re looking for more party ideas, check out our other awesome posts. To conclude, have fun planning an epic party!

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