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12 Adorable Pumpkin Baby Shower Favors To Use At Your Next Party

12 Pumpkin Baby Shower Favors for Your Guest

Pumpkins are a great theme to use when hosting a gender-neutral baby shower or a fall pregnancy celebration party!

WebBabyShower has 12 of the cutest pumpkin baby shower favors for your next event. Try more than one to maintain an absolutely adorable pumpkin theme throughout your party!

Personalized Pumpkin Keychain Favors

Your guests will love receiving Personalized Pumpkin Keychain favors! Each item features a customizable vinyl pumpkin keychain with an adorable pumpkin charm. These pumpkin baby showers use gold hardware and can accommodate any custom name for personalization.

Pumpkin Baby Shower Tags

Liven up your celebration with this Pumpkin Baby Shower Tag! This product is an instant download, which makes printing eight tags on one sheet of paper very simple. You can customize the font style, colors, and add images for a truly unique tag!

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

Pumpkin Baby Shower Soap Favors

Everyone will adore these cute Pumpkin Baby Shower Soaps! They are 1.5″ wide and come in six colors to match your unique event. Each soap comes individually wrapped with a personalized tag.

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

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Pumpkin Baby Shower Treat Bag

Give your guests sweet party favors with these minimalistic Pumpkin Baby Shower Treat Bags! Choose between white or Kraft brown and add a customized message. The bags measure 5″ to 7″ and are perfect to place on a treat table, or pre-fill with fall goodies.

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

Pumpkin Seed Packet Favors

Try incorporating Pumpkin Seed Packet favors for a unique take home gift for your guests. These envelope packets measure 4.5″ by 3″ and are empty for a DIY option, or pre-filled with pumpkin, daisy, sunflower, or wildflower seeds. It even comes with a ‘Let Love Grow’ pumpkin stamp on the front and a customizable label on the back!

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

Pumpkin Themed Bookmark Favors

With these Pumpkin-themed Bookmark favors, your guests will remember your big event for years to come! These handmade wooden bookmarks are 6″ long and are perfect pumpkin baby shower favors for anyone. Made of durable mahogany wood, they are elegantly carved with attractive tassels.

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

Pumpkin-Themed Candle Favors

Using homemade Pumpkin-themed Candle favors is an adorable way to commemorate your celebration! You can choose from 17 scents and three colors to customize your pumpkin baby shower favor. These pumpkin candles use vegan soy wax, measure 3cm in diameter, and come with a sweet personalized tag.

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

Pumpkin-Themed Chocolate Favors

These Pumpkin-themed Chocolate favors will be a big hit with all of your guests! Each item is a chocolate covered Oreo cookie with a sweet and savory pumpkin on top. You can customize the color for the perfect pumpkin baby shower favor to match your event.

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

Little Pumpkin Personalized Hair Tie Favors

Choose a Little Pumpkin Personalized Hair Tie favor when you want to make a big impression! These handmade items come in a pack of two on a customizable card, featuring watercolor pumpkins on one. You can mix an assortment of colors for the second tie, creating a souvenir that everyone will love.

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

Pumpkin Baby Shower Cups

Why not include some adorable Pumpkin Baby Shower Cups at your next event? You can choose one of five sizes and customize a cute message in each one for your guests. These pumpkin baby shower favors are shatterproof, BPA free, and have 53 ink colors to choose from.

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

Soy Candle Mason Jar Favors

Choose these Soy Candle Mason Jars when you want to give your guests something they’ll want to use later. Each 4oz hand-poured candle comes with a customized lid label to display the details of your baby shower with a heartfelt message. You can choose from dozens of popular scents, creating unique pumpkin baby shower favors for your special event.

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

Pumpkin-Themed Tealight Holder Favors

These Pumpkin-themed Tealight Holder favors are perfect for guests who want an adorable keepsake! They are constructed of durable Jesmonite material with durable rubber feet to protect any surface. These pumpkin baby showers offer six different color options, and measure 8.5cm by 3.8cm.

wbs pumpkin baby shower favors

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