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15+ thoughtful ideas for your perfect Aloha Baby Beach shower

A fun theme can make a baby shower even more memorable. Whether you’re into a more minimal baby shower, or an elaborate baby shower theme, we’re constantly adding new ideas to our blog to help make this special occasion perfect. You can find more than 120 baby shower themes to choose from to decorate your online baby shower website; Our Hawaiian baby shower theme is our newest addition!

Aloha Baby Beach Shower

For expectant parents who are either native to Hawaii, or just love everything about the beautiful island state, an aloha baby beach party is a great shower theme. We’ll cover a range of ideas to help create a relaxed and beachy atmosphere for your guests.

Hawaiian Baby Shower themed website

For expectant parents with family and loved ones out of town, virtual baby showers are a really useful add-on to your in-person event. With a virtual shower, not only are details like registry items and baby information all in one place, your themes and invitations can be personalized just like an in-person shower. We offer a ready-to-go and attractive Hawaiian baby shower themed website, where you can fully edit the color palette, fonts and background of the theme for the right look.

Luau-inspired Invitations

wbs hawaiian baby shower theme

For families adding a virtual aspect to their in-person shower, we have a built-in invitation system where invitations are sent via email as well as text/sms with the luau theme you want. Additionally, these invitations can go to an unlimited number of guests and can also be used as an email sending feature, for important updates.

Invitations Inspiration

Surfboard Shaped Invitations

A classic invitation is surfboard-shaped with colorful beachy graphics. Think in the wonderful colors of pinks, oranges, and blues, and don’t forget to add in shaka (a sign also known as the “hang loose” symbol associated with surfing, surf culture and the spirit of Aloha).

Aloha Shirt Invitations

Another invitation style we recommend is an aloha shirts card (often found all over the island where tourists travel). Whether they’re miniature ornaments or normal card size, aloha shirts with hints of native Hawaiian flowers or ocean waves are sure to delight your guests.

Beach-inspired E-Invitations

To help set a chill mood at the baby shower, we recommend setting up animated digital invitations that feature a beach scene and soothing wave sounds.

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Build Your Bathroom


Sand and Shell Tablerunners

No beach baby shower is complete without a hint of sand and clam shells! Create a tablescape using sand and shells to enhance an authentic beach-themed area.

wbs aloha baby shower theme

Beach Umbrella Table Centerpieces

Beach umbrella centerpieces will make everyone think they are at the beach! We encourage choosing colors that match the rest of your decor, or the classic rainbow variety.

Ocean Inspired Balloon Arch

A balloon arch can really light up a baby shower. If you are considering an arch, we recommend making a balloon arch in shades of blue and green to mimic the beauty of the ocean.

wbs aloha baby shower theme


Grilled Seafood Station

If it’s within your budget, a seafood grill station offering shrimp, scallops, crab and fish, and other succulent seafood is a great option for an aloha baby beach shower. Visitors are sure to be transported to the island with a slightly charred, delicious seafood-filled display of delight!

wbs aloha baby shower theme

Beach Picnic Baskets

A lovely idea is to offer individual picnic baskets filled with snacks, sandwiches and sweets, just like a picnic! Some local ideas to introduce guests to the taste of the island include spam musubis, japanese rice crackers, tropical fruits and hawaiian rolls.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

If the baby shower is happening on a hot day, we love the idea of ​​an ice cream sundae bar with tropical toppings, like pineapple, cherries, and lilikoi powder. Not only will the kids love it, we’re sure the parents will too!


Personalized Beach Towels

Beach towels are a great gift to give to guests. They will think of you and your child every time they use it, and who knows? It might even encourage them to plan their own beach vacation!

wbs aloha baby shower theme

Branded Sunscreen and Sunglasses

One can’t go wrong with baby shower-branded sunscreen and sunglasses as favors! Not only are they truly to be admired and enjoyed, but they also serve as a reminder for visitors to protect themselves and their children from sun exposure.

wbs aloha baby shower theme

Beach Themed Frames

We also love the idea of ​​giving guests beach themed photo frames to remember the special day! Some ideas for frames could be ocean waves, clamshells or ocean related quotes.

wbs aloha baby shower theme

Hawaiian Garden Party

The second theme we love is a serene garden party with a charming Hawaiian twist. To paint a picture, it might include tropical floral decorations, garden games, and a light and fresh menu.


Floral Watercolor Invitation

Floral watercolors make for an elegant invitation idea. We recommend invitations with handpainted borders of flowers such as birds of paradise and orchids painted in soft colors.

wbs aloha baby shower theme

Hawaiian Garden Party E-Invites

Digital invitations with animated Hawaiian garden themes are also a great way to invite guests. Look out for bright and beautiful birds of paradise, or a display of gorgeous hibiscus flowers.

Seed Paper Invitation

A modern take on invitations are eco-friendly invitations made from seed paper that guests can plant! Colorful and tropical biodegradable paper invitations are a fun and sustainable route to take.

wbs aloha baby shower theme


Floral Canopies

Floral canopies create a beautiful focal point in a shower. Flowers like birds of paradise, hibiscus, orchids and plumeria can look absolutely gorgeous.

Garden Lanterns

If you’re bathing in the evening, we love images of soft or colorful lanterns throughout the garden for a warm, inviting, celebratory glow.

wbs aloha baby shower theme

Fresh Floral Table Runners

To give the shower a natural and elegant look, floral table runners are absolutely beautiful. Imagine a lush floral table runner of plants and tropical flowers with heliconia, birds of paradise and orchids.


Garden Salads

A garden party isn’t complete without a fresh salad. We encourage creativity! How about a variety of fresh salads with tropical fruits and local vegetables, such as pineapple, mango, and kiwi.

Grilled Vegetable Skewers

For expectant parents and guests who want to eat a healthy meal, a good option is to offer grilled vegetable skewers as a quick appetizer, or a side dish for guests.

Fruit-infused Water Station

Whether it’s a hot day or a cold day, we recommend setting up a station with fruit-infused water in large dispensers so guests can refresh themselves!


Potted Plant Seedlings

A sustainable and creatively-cute choice for party favors are potted plant seedlings! We also like this idea as a symbol of the expectant mama raising her own sweet seedling.

Floral Scented Soap

Garden parties are nothing if not elegant. We love the idea of ​​sending guests home with delicate, floral-scented soaps made with hints of pineapple, guava, gardenia or jasmine!

wbs aloha baby shower theme

Customized Garden Tools

Last but not least are the customized garden tools. These are unique, practical and playful party favors, a great way to inspire guests and any little ones to garden together!

wbs aloha baby shower theme


A Hawaiian-themed baby shower brings a unique touch of fun and beauty to this very special celebration. From choosing a bright palette of colors for decor, to deciding on the perfect housewarming gift, these little details are so fun and important to consider. We hope you find this guide helpful in brainstorming the perfect day for the parents-to-be and their lucky guests!

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